First Time in Borrego Springs

When you become part of the full time RV community you start hearing about places to visit that you have never heard of before. I think of these places as part of the fulltime RV experience especially because its unlikely I would have even heard of them or visited if we hadn’t started this lifestyle. The desert sculptures in Borrego Springs was definitely on that list ever since we learned about it from fellow RV Dreamers Steve and Dianne when we first visited Quartzsite. Even though it was over an hour drive to get there from Indio we knew we had to go so we headed out on Saturday.

To be honest I didn’t know much and we only had some general directions but thanks to our Roadside America app we had coordinates. As we started out it was just desert with the occasional patch of palm trees and surprisingly a strong smell of pot along the road we took. We saw lots of greenhouses off the road and I assume they were marijuana growing facilities although it was somewhat hard to tell.

Next we hit BLM area and eventually the Anza-Borrego State Park. There were TONS and I mean hundreds and hundreds of RV’s on the BLM land and most were ATVing. I don’t know much about ATV’s but this was obviously a popular area and it was clear why when we saw all of the trails. There also was very strong cell coverage despite being in the middle of nowhere and we were amazed at the big group gatherings we saw kind of everywhere. It wasn’t quite as busy as Quartzsite but it was close so if you’re into ATVing and don’t know much about this area I would definitely look it up.

I want to warn you though the drive was long and services minimal so make sure you gas up and have water and snacks before you go. Finally we reached the desert metal statues and wow were they incredible. The main sea serpent (which crosses a road and is huge) is the big draw but there are many newer statues strewn along the desert. There is no clear path or map so we just drove from one to the next and had a marvelous time. It’s completely free and incredibly amazing and we are so glad that we went.

The detail on the serpent was amazing but there were others that were smaller but equally detailed. In particular the statues with curved pieces of metal to simulate hair were amazing.

After seeing the sculptures we went into Borrego Springs which is a great little town. It’s the kind of place I would love to live if it wasn’t so remote. We had a nice lunch and went into several of the shops. There were many sculptures that you could purchase but unfortunately most of them were too big for us. I especially enjoyed Borrego Outfitters that had a little bit of everything and highly recommend going in if you are in the area.

On the way back to Indio Lee wanted to stop at the Salton Sea and I was up for it. We had a hard time finding a public access point but eventually found our way to the pier. According to Wikipedia, “The current lake was formed from an inflow of water from the Colorado River in 1905. Beginning in 1900, an irrigation canal was dug from the Colorado River to the old Alamo River channel to provide water to the Imperial Valley for farming… a series of cuts were made in the bank of the Colorado River to further increase the water flow.”

Unfortunately as the Colorado River has dried up so has the sea, and although it was a popular resort destination in the past now it is a shell of itself. We even talked to a woman who bought a house on what was then the shore and took a huge loss when she sold it. The area also smells pretty strongly of fish because the water is so shallow and the community has started a big planting initiative to reclaim the dried lake bed and stop sandstorms. It’s not all negative though because the area is great for para biking and we saw at least 8 different people flying their motorized carts over the sand and lake.

Borrego Springs definitely lived up to its press and if you would like information on more of those places we never would have seen if we weren’t fulltime RVers please see some of my previous posts below in no particular order.

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4 thoughts on “First Time in Borrego Springs

  1. The Anza Borrego Desert, Borrego Springs specifically, has been our go-to spot for many decades. Makes a nice getaway from city life in San Diego. BTW I’ve been there are 134 sculptures on Galleta Meadows property. Did you save some for a future visit?

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