One of the first questions people ask when contemplating the full-time lifestyle is “Can we afford it?”  It’s a good question but not that easy to answer because it really depends on your revenue and budget needs.  When we were researching the lifestyle, there were only a few detailed budgets available to us and I vowed that if we were ever lucky enough to become full timers I would pay it forward by sharing our expenses.  Please keep in mind that starting in Year 2020 I was remotely working a corporate job and we had lots of money coming in.  Our expenses reflect that.  If you are interested in seeing years where we lived on a strict fixed income I would recommend the budgets for 2016 – 2019.

2015 Budget Summary – Year 1  

2016 Budget Summary – Year 2

2017 Budget Summary – Year 3

2018 Budget Summary – Year 4

2019 Budget Summary – Year 5

2020 Budget Summary – Year 6

2021 Budget Summary – Year 7  

2022 Budget Summary – Year 8

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    • If you look under the recipes page in the pasta …the link is there. Same recipe I just leave out the hamburger for certain pastas. It’s rally yummy and I usually make three batches at a time because it freezes great

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