November Budget 2022

I know its been awhile since we have posted a budget, but when Lee was working Yellowstone between the work and all the things we were doing putting the budget numbers in the spreadsheet fell off the list of important things to do. Now he has to go back and play catchup though because I need the info for both my annual budget review and our taxes so he completed November. I am going to post this one, but not go back to the other ones although all of the information will be available on the annual summary coming soon. I know many of you read these budgets religiously but the monthly versions are a bit of a chore.

I do however promise that the annual information will continue to be comprehensive and for those of you who are researching the lifestyle will show patterns of spend. For those of you who are new to the budget I am sure you are going to look at the total and think I can’t afford this. Keep in mind I am making really good money right now (and Lee is working as well) so we are still spending within our means. If you are interested in what this lifestyle looks like on a smaller budget check out the other years budget on our Budgets Page.

Inflation is hitting us just like other people and fuel in particular has been a killer with prices well over over $5 a gallon. Campground fees have also gone up and although we kept it reasonable when staying in Nevada State Parks, Las Vegas was around $50 a night. Groceries were high because we were in remote Nevada and food prices were definitely crazy. $8 for for an 18 pack of eggs high and it was either pay the prices or drive 1-1/2 hours to the nearest Walmart.

Home repair costs were around getting the bike rack made. We also got hit with $1900 in tire replacement so it was a perfect storm of inflation, maintenance issues, etc. As a side note the $1000 in dining out was the week I spent with my Mom eating our way through LAs Vegas and it was worth every penny 🙂

This is a high month even for us, but since we look at our spending more on an annual basis now rather than month to month the real test will be how the year turned out. I would love to say we are making more and banking more but aside from increased 401K and HSA contributions that’s really not the case. Next month we are headed to LA and definitely going to spend some money but again we can afford it and are going to enjoy this time we have exploring new areas.

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