June 2021 Budget

I know that many of our readers look forward to this budget updates, but for me it has become a major chore. Since we are no longer pinching every penny our costs have gone way up and I feel vaguely guilty abut that for some reason. I know that is silly, and I also trust that you can separate out what are base costs versus extras, but it still feels like I am justifying myself every month. I have thought about only doing an annual report-out, but I know people would miss these, so I will continue to post, but I am not necessarily going to go through every line item. For those of you who are looking for a lean budget picture I would point you to our Budgets page and years 2017 and 2018.

I did want to add one note about groceries. I am super confused. Lee and I have gone to only eating one meal a day and we are drinking a protein drink for dinner. How we could be on this diet and still spend a thousand dollars is absolutely beyond me, but I do know part of it is waste. We have been buying food like we used to eat and have been really focusing on buying smaller quantities so we will see how it goes in July. The dining out went way up because we are only eating one meal a day and often want to eat out for that. Hoping this will all settle in next month, but its been a major change to our eating habits and I am not surprised it is taking a bit to settle in.

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One thought on “June 2021 Budget

  1. I love reading your budget, just for the food section, as you guys eat like Kings and Queens! $450 a week for food is what many folks spend in a month. Those shakes must be freaking awesome! And steaks everyday to boot, Wow! LOL! We really need to catch up with y’all cuz we need to see what we’re missing out on!!! So sorry we just missed you this year! Hope you’re doing well!

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