Fourth Year – By the Numbers

November 14th is our “road-a-versary” and since the format I used the past three years is working, I’m going to stick with it.  I do a second post that describes the emotional arc for the year, and a third at the end of December with our financials, but this one is all about the numbers and gives a broad overview of our travels.  I would like to mention here that our friends Kelly and Bill do an amazing job on their “by the numbers” post and go into more detail on campgrounds, memberships etc.  If you are researching the lifestyle I highly recommend their Year Four post.

As always, I’ll start with a map of our travels and this time I thought it would be interesting to show all four years together. These maps aren’t totally perfect, but basically show the routes we have taken and the places we have been.  This is what it looks like when your family is on the east coast but you want to explore out west.  Lots of criss-crossing the country!


Year One (2014-2015) started in Keene, NH, and ended in Susanville, CA


Year Two – (2015-2016) started in Susanville, CA and ended in New Braunfels, TX


Year Three – (2016-2017) started in New Braunfels, TX and ended in Campbellsville, KY


Year Four – (2017-2018) started in Campbellsville, KY and ended in New Braunfels, TX

2018 Route Information

We started this year in Campbellsville, Kentucky where we (and some of our best buddies) spent two months working for Amazon.  After that we spent Christmas in Columbus, Ohio and then hightailed it down to Texas as soon as we could.  We traveled around Texas seeing friends and doing a couple of gate guarding gigs and then went to Pahrump, Nevada for the RV-Dreams reunion rally.  From Pahrump we spent a glorious month in Utah spending time in Zion, Page, Monument Valley, and Moab.  From there we went to Timothy Lake in the Mount Hood Forest in Oregon and work kamped there until the beginning of October.  From Oregon we went down to Las Vegas to visit my Mom, brother, and sister and then back down to Texas to take a little break before gate guarding the winter away.

By State

Kentucky – November and part of December

Ohio – part of December

Texas – January, February, and March

Utah/Nevada – April

Oregon – May, June, July, and August

Nevada/Texas – October and November

Travel Miles

The trailer traveled 8,045 miles in Year Four with a lifetime total of 41,947 miles. The truck traveled 20,531 with a lifetime total of 99,397 miles.  Here is a comparison of the four years we have been on the road.   The truck mileage is low in 2015 because I still had my company car which I put an additional 9,800 miles on. The spike in mileage in 2016 is due to a trip to the trip to Alaska. 

RV and Truck Repairs

  • After one full year of not having a furnace we finally got it fixed in Columbus, Ohio!  Just in time, because we definitely needed a working furnace for all the boondocking we did in Utah.
  • We dealt with frozen pipes in the rig for the first time and Lee added some insulation and a heat source to help with the problem.
  • We replaced our toilet with a standard sized one, which by the way I still really love, and is one of the best repairs we have ever made!
  • Lee put in valves on the fresh water tank vents.  Seems like a little thing, but for him it made things a whole lot easier.
  • We also spent a few days having our slide floor replaced.  We found a great RV tech in Texas who had previously worked in Indiana at the Open Range factory and he did a terrific job.
  • Lee (with Bill and Ben’s help) replaced our steps and did lots of other small repairs while we were at the reunion rally.
  • We had one of our front jacks fail and Lee had to do an emergency repair.
  • A front truck bearing seized up and we were stranded on a mountain road.  The whole thing turned out OK, but it was pretty stressful.
  • Our entry door window glass broke in a wind storm in Utah and Lee replaced the window portion of the door in Texas.

Top 10 Things We Saw

My favorite part of the numbers post isn’t about numbers at all.  It is completely subjective exercise of looking at our life through pictures and deciding what my favorite things were. Once again we were very blessed to see some beautiful things and if we were not living this lifestyle I do not believe I would have ever had most of these experiences.


Pelican eating a fish at Padre Island. I’ve never seen this before so was super excited, – March 2018


Zion April 2018


Grosvenor’s Arch in Grand-Staircase Escalante April 2018


Gooseneck State Park.  Scary getting the pics, but had to see it April 2018


Monument Valley April 2018


Ahhh the Canyonlands April 2018


Arches National Park April 2018


Kayaking at Trillium Lake with Mt. Hood in the background with Howard and Linda was amazing – June 2018


Hiking an 11 mile waterfall trail made Silver Falls State Park my all time favorite. June 2018


We spent a night camping out at Mount Rainier and even though it was smoky, the bear sighting, hoary marmots, and amazing waterfalls more than made it worth the trip. August 2018

Was really tough just picking ten this year and really there were so many more amazing vistas.  Next up I’ll talk about our experiences in Year 4.

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