Hanukkah and Christmas Farm

As I have mentioned before my son-in-law is Jewish and we love having the opportunity to be part of his culture. Oliver is going to a Jewish preschool and when they opened the doors for a Hanukkah celebration I was thrilled to be able to attend. It was really fun seeing all the little kids and although Oliver was somewhat shy that day he came out of his shell enough to show us around. The rooms were absolutely terrific and I loved the artwork and I was so glad we were able to attend.

Loved this

Lee loves taking Oliver on errands with him and when they are out and about sometimes they will stop by and see Grammy. Oliver is fascinated with my computer and loves to “type” things and I got this great picture of him contributing. They never stay long but its a wonderful treat on a work day.

I live for the weekends though when I really get to spend some time with him and I always try to find something special. Last weekend I came across a Christmas party at a local petting zoo farm and we decided to try it out. Initially it didn’t look that great but it turned out to be very fun although Oliver wanted nothing to do with Santa Claus. After a couple of attempts I did get him to take a pony ride though and that was an absolute blast. Nothing wears you out quite like keeping up with a two year old though and we were all pooped out by the end!

Kyrston really wanted a Santa picture, but that wasn’t happening. Thankfully they had an old truck with Christmas stuff and since Oliver loves trucks he was happy to pose some for us. We had a lovely time, although it’s weird being outside at Christmas with it being so warm. I do miss the snow (just a little) this time of year.

I don’t want to forget about Elliott though. He’s growing like crazy and Kat has been sending pictures and some video. Here are a couple of my favorites.

He loves this old fashioned keys Grammy sent him
They have LOTS of snow in Minnesota
Kat and Elliott in front of their tree

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