Oliver and Pappy and Grammy

When we first became grandparents I really wanted to wait for Oliver to pick a name for us. Unfortunately that didn’t work out so well, so we started nudging him in a general direction. Ultimately we landed on Pappy and Grammy and hearing him say our names is amazing!! While I was with my Mom Lee spent a ton of one on one time with him and that continued when I came back. There were so many small trips (each one really special) that I decided to share them all here. None of these are in any particular order but will give you a feel for the fun the last two weeks.

One of the reasons I cam back early was the participate in decorating the tree. Kyrston got a big tree for herself and Jeremy and a little one for Oliver and it was very fun helping him decorate. I guess after we left the ornaments went flying but it was super cool while it lasted.

One of the things Oliver loves to do is run errands. Lee took him tons of places while I was gone and we took him shopping a couple of times when I got back. The cool thing about 2 year old short attention span is you can literally buy the toy he just played with (put in a separate cart) and he doesn’t really get it. We always made sure to buy him something small he could play with so he largely ignored the stuff in boxes. The one thing I couldn’t find was an age appropriate pirate ship but Lee found a practically new one on FB marketplace and it only costs $15…SCORE!!!!!

The best trip though was when Oliver and Pappy went to the beach together. I was working that day and they were gone for hours. Time at the ocean and then some geocaching later. They had an awesome day and Lee wore him out! No small feat for a 53 year old.

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