December Budget 2021

As of this posting I am working hard on the entire 2021 Budget which will be posted soon. Here is the December data. We spent $6854 this month and the details are listed below.

Campsites – The $1600 a month we are spending at the KOA is absolutely insane, especially considering the RV park itself, but it is also just a few miles from our grandson so we bit the bullet for a couple of months. These prices are definitely not the norm.

Entertainment – We went way over in this category again spending $585 dollars. A chunk of that was activities we paid for involving the kids and grandkid including two escape rooms we did.

Gifts – These were some last minute Christmas gifts we bought. I wanted to mention for those of you who have received a calendar in the past we decided not to do them this year. The price was double what I have paid in previous years (it would have cost over $500 all in) and I just couldn’t justify the expense since we had already blown our Christmas budget on the kids and grandkids.

Home Repair – When we are sitting in one place for a long time Lee tends to work on home projects. December was no different. My stance on these expenses is we should do them now while I am making corporate money.

Truck Fuel – Despite high gas prices Lee did a great job keeping our costs down in this category. Since there are no truck stops where we can take advantage of lower prices in Charleston we got a BJ’s membership and MasterCard which saved us an extra 10 cents a gallon off their already low diesel price. I really appreciate how Lee manages this category as it could be a big number for us if we aren’t careful.

As I stated previously next up is the annual budget with 7 year trend numbers. That should tell an interesting story.

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One thought on “December Budget 2021

  1. Sometimes you just gotta spend for the things and activities that are worth it to you. I’m sure you’ll find ways to compensate for such occasional sticker shock. Its all good. Safe travels.

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