First Time at Kent Falls

Lee and I were both really happy top learn there are a surprising amount of waterfalls in Connecticut and based on Kay’s recommendation we decided one beautiful Saturday to drive an hour north to Kent Falls. Since it has been so long since I have seen waterfalls of any kind, I was excited no matter what to see some, but it turned out that these falls were absolutely gorgeous and are now in my list of favorites. It’s not actually one big fall, but rather many smaller falls all linked together and the climb up the beside them was absolutely gorgeous with the fall colors. There is no way my words can do it justice, so hopefully my pictures will suffice…all I can say is if you get a chance to stop by please do. Out of state vehicles had to pay $15 to park, but it was totally worth it.

There was a small covered bridge leading to the falls which you can see behind the big yellow tree.
At the very top

Honestly my pictures don’t come close to capturing the beauty but hopefully the video does a better job. My only complaint was the bathrooms were very dirty and out of toilet paper, which my $15 should have gone to help pay for. Other than that it was a lovely hike although I did have a bit of trouble going down. Instead of going on the slick steps, I chose to walk down a more gradual winding path but unfortunately I twisted my ankle on a root. Thankfully I had my Merrill hiking boots on which stopped the injury from being more serious but I did strain a tendon and spent over a week babying it to get it back to 100%. Still it was totally worth it and I am so very happy we saw it.

Oh and I forgot to mention on the way there we stopped and saw a covered bridge. These are always fun and a New England trip wouldn’t be the same without seeing at least one.

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