A Death In The Family

The same day we got back from Kent Falls, Lee got the call that his father had passed away from lung cancer. Since both he and his caregiver were vaccinated we don’t believe COVID was a factor, but since it was so quick honestly its hard to know. Lee and his Dad have had a complicated relationship and our becoming fulltime RVers (which he never approved of) didn’t help. So I am not going to talk much about it here, except to say Lee drove back to Columbus the next morning and stayed a week to help his step sister and his caregiver. Because his father wanted no service of any kind, I stayed home with the dog with Lee’s blessing. The one thing Lee did care about was the family photos and papers and thankfully he was able to bring those back with him. He has spent the last week going through those items and has been going through the grieving process.

While he was gone I unfortunately didn’t have a vehicle because our truck is still not done. Turns out the clamp for the secondary cooling system wasn’t tightened properly during the initial repair and it looked like a relatively easy fix. Unfortunately our tech was hospitalized for COVID before he could finish the testing, a second tech was out with COVID, and the Service manager was on vacation. They were unable to work on it for an entire week, and when the techs came back somehow the keys had been lost. That was a new problem and unfortunately the only solution was to order a new key. As of this writing we still are using the rental car and our insurance company is beyond livid at the way the Ford dealer has handled this repair. On the plus side I spent some of that time adding a new page to our website called National Parks where I list all the blog posts about trips to National Parks and Monuments.

We have made the best use of the rental car though because Lee drove the two hours to Keene and cleaned out our old storage unit. Our daughters Kat and Kay still had stuff in there and because Kat just had a new baby and is renting a new house we decided that we would ship her stuff to her as a housewarming present. I didn’t have the first clue how to accomplish that, but I was motivated and it turns out that UHAUL has a set price for moving containers. I had no idea they did this, but for one price you can get a U-Box container and they will move it end to end. It wasn’t cheap (around $1500 all in) but much cheaper than many other alternatives and relatively easy for Lee to manage. On a cold and rainy day, he ended up moving the items back and forth from the Storage place to UHaul and we all breathed a sigh of relief when it was done. In particular we were concerned about moving Lee’s grandmother’s heavy sewing machine, but this solution will work great for that and a couple other heavy items.

We also found a small stash of our stuff that we have gone through and are taking a couple of items to Kyrston (including a giant wooden bear). Truly it would have been better if we would have done this a long time ago, but it is done now and we all feel better for it. Everyone has their own stuff and Lee and I don’t need to worry about it anymore.

The UBox includes 24 packing blankets
To the right is a street light that was turned into a lamp. It’s crazy heavy and another reason any shipping costs based on weight weren’t a great idea.
Finally empty storage unit
Have no idea how this bear is getting to Kyrston’s but Lee has a plan.

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4 thoughts on “A Death In The Family

  1. I am so sorry to read of Lee’s loss. Tough time no matter what one’s relationship was like. Glad he was able to retrieve the family items he wanted and get your storage shed cleaned out.

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