First time in Mystic

It’s funny how there are places that stick in your head and one of the best parts of this lifestyle are when you get to see them as you travel. It’s always cool, even when they turn out to be just ordinary places, but once in a while the place meets your imagination. That certainly happened with Mystic, CT which I heard about from the movie Mystic Pizza and the town is a quaint seaside place very similar to how I had pictured it. The pizza place still exists and having a slice was one of the highlights of the trip. It took a little time to find it though and even more to find parking, because Mystic is definitely a “park and walk” kind of place. What was cool though (for us at least) was we hit the drawbridge right when it was lifting and we got to not only see a lift bridge but also see two boats sail through. Excellent bonus!

The town is on both sides of the inlet but you have to cross the bridge to get to the Pizza place and shops
Cool tugboat
Cool seawall

There is a really interesting set of shops over the bridge that have an eclectic selection of local stores. Unlike other towns that are all chain stores, this one had room for local owners. We didn’t go into every one because masks were mandatory but we did go into several and really liked what we saw.

My favorite store was Queenies because they had a ton of merchandise with sassy sayings that made me laugh out loud. I didn’t buy anything but appreciated the humor and grabbed their online info in case I wanted to get something as a present for one of my kids some day.

I also liked that while shopping there were lots of items that regular people could afford to buy. Don’t get me wrong there is serious money in this town but it doesn’t cater exclusively to the wealthy.

As I mentioned though the best part was Mystic Pizza. I had a slice and it was really good. The dough was awesome and the cheese was perfectly cooked. We also had a great conversation with one of the waitresses about full time RVing and love when we meet people who say that is a dream of theirs. Our #1 piece of advice is always to be debt free, and hopefully those conversations will help folks along the way.

Mystic Pizza
We sat at the bar

It was a nice day and we both got lots of steps in although the mask requirement made me feel a little claustrophobic later in the day. It was humid which didn’t help and the sea breeze didn’t reach the smaller side street we were walking on. Still I am really glad we got to see it and I added that to my list of those experiences I probably never would have had if we hadn’t become full timers. I feel confident saying that because we lived 2-1/2 away from Mystic for 15 years and never went. It took changing our life to make that wish a reality.

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2 thoughts on “First time in Mystic

    • Your absolutely right. Lee wants to go back and do the museum but I wasn’t really interested so we skipped it. It’s multiple buildings and kind of all over the town. Should have said something for sure. Thanks for mentioning it here.

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