RIP Hobie

In a world where 3,000 people are dying a day from Covid it might seem strange to be so deeply impacted by the loss of a pet, but as many of you know pets can often have more impact on our day to day lives than most people.  Yesterday the friends we are staying with lost Hobie, their dog of 14 years, and although he wasn’t my dog I find myself incredibly sad and missing him.  Over the last six years of travel we have spent more time with Cori and Greg than anyone else, and for most of those years when we didn’t have a pet, Hobie filled some of that void in my life.

For anyone who ever met him he had a larger than life personality and definitely was the boss in the Cori, Greg, Hobie relationship.  We affectionately called him “Thug Dog” because he ran the show like a gangster, and although there wasn’t a mean bone in his body he could let you know in no uncertain terms when he was displeased.  When I talked to Greg yesterday he mentioned that Hobie was the reason Jack came to us and that is absolutely true.  I wanted a dog just like Hobie, and although I knew that was unlikely I bought Jack (same breed and look) in the hopes he would have some of the same characteristics.

Watching Hobie take the young puppy under his wing was both fascinating and a little frightening.  Jack is a pretty good puppy, but when he got around Hobie his ornery side would definitely come out.  Hobie was amazingly tolerant of the new puppy antics and showed Jack some tricks of the trade like lifting his leg to pee, hiding toys, and reproachful looks when displeased.  When Hobie got sick a couple of months ago, we were worried that Jack would make him feel worse, but as dogs often do he was solicitous of his friend and seemed to be looking out for him.

It’s easy with animals to see what you want to see, but all I know is the night Hobie died Jack woke me up at 4am and when I took him outside his behavior was very unusual.  Believe what you want, but I think he knew something was wrong, and I know he is sad his buddy is gone.  We are all sad, because the loss of a beloved pet can often be worse than a person.  They provide unconditional love, are with you more hours than most people you know, and definitely provide something unique and special that nothing else can.

We loved you buddy, and we are grateful you were in our lives.  Jack is a living legacy of the impact you had on us, and you will be missed.

Here are some of my favorite Hobie memories.

Before we had Jack I would buy Hobie a toy every time we were going to see him.  When  I bought him stuffed toys he would destroy them immediately to get the squeaker out. It became a game and we would time him. This frog he destroyed in less than five minutes and he was so proud of himself.  The great hunter!


The first time Hobie met Max was very interesting. Max is also a Cavachon and was a beautifully coiffed, smart dog. Max could do some pretty cool tricks, which Hobie never deigned to do, and the attention Max was receiving was not to Hobies liking. As Max showed us all how he could catch a ball in mid air and we oohed and aahed, Hobie decided enough was enough. When it was his turn to catch the ball, he instead trotted right over and peed on it. #thugdog was born that day and continued through the rest of his life.

When Jack and Hobie first met there was definitely some tentativeness. It didn’t take long for Hobie to firmly establish that he was in charge, but he was nice about it and it helped settle Jack down a bit.


When Hobie visited he would gather the toys he wanted and they were his for the duration!


Last April we spent several weeks together in Utah and the puppies got tons of love and had a wonderful time.


Although they were both pink the entire time from the red sand.


We are all grateful that we got to spend time with Hobie and be with him until the very end.


Best buddies forever


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12 thoughts on “RIP Hobie

  1. I truly believe animals are intuitive, so no doubt in my mind Jack knew something was remiss.
    Ironically, when we heard the sad news about Hobie from Cori and Greg, I immediately thought of your Jack and commented to Les how much Jack will miss his buddy Hobie.

  2. Oh wow, so sad to hear of this loss for all of u. I have tears in my eyes although I never met Hobie but having dogs myself all my life I know the love & heartbreak involved. Pls give Cori & Greg a big hug & express our deepest sympathies. I m glad u were able to write this about Hobie & u r all in my thoughts & prayers for they r family just the same. Sincerely, Chloe

  3. Tracy, this is so beautifully written and sums up our sweet Hobie perfectly. He sure did have away of getting right into your heart. We will miss him greatly.

  4. Tracy, this is a wonderful tribute to a much loved family friend. I truly believe it’s just as devastating to lose a beloved pet as it is a human friend. They love us unconditionally and we them, so their loss is profound. Hoping Cori and Greg find comfort in your friendship and especially Jack.

  5. Oh no! What a shock. I know I’m horribly late to read this, but it’s sad just the same. I’ll have to come back and re-read the last little bit as the screen got real blurry for some reason. Please give Jack an extra hug for me.

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