April 2020 Budget

Update:  Lee forgot to add the $404 RV payment (thanks Bill and Ellen for noticing) so the actual monthly costs were $2965.  Still a good month but sorry we missed it. This is a pretty weird month of course because we are strictly quarantining ourselves, but we still managed to spend $2561.  Most of that was food and Amazon purchases.  When the stress gets a little high I was buying presents for people and since even at furloughed wages I made enough to cover it we were actually able to put some money in the bank.  For the details please see below.


Campground Fees – Our friends are being incredibly generous and letting us stay with them, but we all agreed it would be fair if we contributed $100 a month for electric and that is what I am putting in this category.

Dining Out – This is the lowest its ever been 🙂  We had pizza one night and Panda Express a couple of times.  I adore their mushroom chicken and am so glad I discovered it in quarantine!

Entertainment – Lee has ordered some books, and this also includes some iPad games I play.

Gifts – OK, I went a little crazy in this category spending $397, but I don’t care.  It wasn’t all Oliver this time, and I am glad I have a job so I can do a little nice for someone I love in my life. Plus it’s a nice little stress relief. (It wasn’t all Trace, though. I bought a little something for my Mom for Mother’s Day. – Lee)

Groceries – We spent $659 and are stuffed to the rafters with food.  Every time I think we need to back off a little there are concerns about something (ie: meat) and we stock up just in case.  If we can’t take it all with us when we go we will donate some to Cori and Greg and in the meantime we all feel better that we have lots of food available.

Truck Fuel – This is the best category because we only used 3/4 a tank of gas in a month.  We aren’t going anywhere, and that is good for the wallet and the pocketbook.

Basically it is one of the best months we ever had but we cant really take credit for that.  Despite Texas opening up we are continuing to quarantine, so I don’t know how much that will change in May.  More about that in my next post though.

(UPDATE: For those who caught it, we DID pay the RV Payment this month, I just forgot to put it in the spreadsheet. $404.03, as always. – Lee)


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