Oliver’s First Hanukkah

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but Oliver’s dad is Jewish.  Even though neither of the kids are particularly religious it is important to both of them that Oliver is exposed to his history and we were thrilled that we would be here for his first Hanukkah celebration.  Of course he needed the perfect outfit and Kyrston had him ready to go.

While Jeremy and Kyrston were setting up, Oliver was getting to know his Aunt Kay.  It’s lovely to see my kids meet our grandson for the first time and he is getting lots of love and attention.

I actually think Oliver looks quite a bit like Kay in some of her baby pictures

Kay around 12 months

Oliver at 5 months old

When the table was all ready we walked over to see.  Jeremy, who went to Hebrew school three days a week until he was 15, recited and then he lit the candle on his parents Menorha.  It was a really special moment.

Next was present time!  Jeremy’s brother has sent a present especially for the first night and it was a ton of fun watching Oliver try to open it.

Jeremy and Oliver

In case you were wondering we did it in the afternoon because Jeremy had to go to work in the evening.

YAY toy!

It was wonderful being a part of his first Hanukkah and I am super excited about his first Christmas.  More about that next time!


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5 thoughts on “Oliver’s First Hanukkah

  1. It’s awesome that Jeremy wants to pass down his Jewish heritage! With Christmas being so mainstream – it takes more effort to share the Jewish side – good for them!

  2. Beautiful! As you know, Mario and I are also a Jewish/Christian couple…would love to chat with you one day about how things developed as the kids got older……Sending love and hugs to all for Healthy and Happy Holiday season! (have I told you lately that Oliver is so damned cute?)

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