Twas The Night Before Christmas

While we were learning about Hanukkah, we were also gearing up for Oliver’s first Christmas.  Kyrston designed an absolutely beautiful tree and I was very happy that the two ornaments I gave her were proudly displayed.

Jeremy thought this was a lot of presents. We just laughed.


Oliver’s first visit to Santa!


On the 23rd my Mom came back from Columbus to pick up her car and we got to exchange presents and she got to see Oliver open his gift from her which was really nice.

We are all about the toys that will encourage him to crawl. He is doing a great job sitting up!


Mom really liked her gift!  A coffee cup with Oliver’s picture on it!


She in turn brought this gift from my Aunt Cathy to me!! So sweet Mom used her carry-on to bring it to me.

We all loved Kyrston’s Christmas pictures of Oliver.  My daughter is an extremely talented photographer and it definitely shows.

It was also really great having Kay there with us and we enjoyed just talking and catching up.

Kay,Oliver, and Lee


Kyrston LOVED the Jungle Book as a child so Kay put it on and showed Oliver. He was into it!! Loved the monkeys


Jack and Finn are buddies and love to hang out.


Jeremy had Christmas Eve off and Oliver was making the most of Daddy time!

We left pretty early to give them all time together so we decided to take Jack to the beach.  It was a lovely evening and the sunset was really nice and we really enjoyed hearing the ocean and smelling the clean salt air.  This might be a new Christmas Eve tradition!

Wind in his fur 🙂


He loves to sniff at the beach.


Gorgeous night and very few people there


Jack was a good boy and stopped at the end before the habitat.

Happy Jack!


Tomorrow is Christmas and to say I am excited is a massive understatement!



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3 thoughts on “Twas The Night Before Christmas

  1. Sharing Family Traditions are so special…. Definitely things that memories are made of!!!! Our Grands are almost grown, but they still look for their Christmas Pez from Grandmom and Grandpop each year:o)) Oliver will be blessed with Hanukkah and Christmas traditions!!!

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