First Time in Savannah

Over the last five years we have had plans to stop in Savannah several times but something always got in the way.  Since it is only two hours from Charleston we were going to go, but again one thing or another has stopped us from taking the trip.  So I was thrilled when Lee said he wanted to go on Saturday and even though it was an overcast day, we packed up the dog and headed to Savannah.  The drive itself was pretty, although the freeway was pretty packed with folks going south for the holidays, so we ended up going secondary roads and got to see several small towns.  We also saw multiple stands along the way and stopped at a couple of them to see what they had,.

Nice store but we weren’t super impressed with any of their samples

I purchased some tomatoes here that they swore were vine grown and handpicked, but they were definitely hot house when I got them home. Did get some beautiful green beans though.

We didn’t really have much of a plan for Savannah, just a loose idea of things we could do and having the dog complicated things.  Our first stop was Forsythe park which I knew was dog friendly from the pictures.  It was absolutely gorgeous and we walked around the park and into the nearby neighborhoods.  We loved the old architecture and the history that permeated the area. I’m just going to share it with pictures.

The neighborhoods were beautiful

We walked into the park from one of the side entrances. The huge fields had people playing sports on them

Reminded me a little of a college quad

Except of course with stunning oak trees

at one end of the park was a confederate memorial

And at the other a memorial for the Spanish American War

It had a tennis/basketball court. Before anyone chastises us for not having Jack on a leash, he’s wearing it, it’s just very hard to see.

Big playground

And the day we were there a lovely farmers market. I highly recommend it because it was all food with locally made products. Lee bought some spinach bread and I bought some honey.

There were several lovely side paths

That took you closer to the houses that ringed the park.

My absolute favorite part though was a lovely fountain that had a trumpet player that was playing Christmas music.  It was absolutely beautiful and very photogenic, so forgive me all the pictures, but it was hard to pick just one.


Trumpet player was really good.

The park led out into other smaller squares that often had a memorial in them and houses surrounded them.  They were beautiful and we could have walked all day among the houses but I was getting hungry.  Jack liked the walking though and he did great with the crowds.

So nice there were flowers at Christmas time

This picture cried out for a black and white version.  It looked like Old Europe to me. Except for maybe the price tag 🙂

The most beautiful house we saw was The Armstrong House.  Absolutely gorgeous.


We also got to see a 300 year old oak which unfortunately was gated off from people.  It was a beauty though.

I loved how they removed the bricks to protect the roots


After the park we drove down to the river area but that didn’t look dog friendly and I wanted to eat lunch at Paula Deen’s restaurant but we couldn’t find a place close by to park.  Ultimately I decided we could go to the original Crab Shack on Tybee Island with the thought we would avoid the heavy crowds and we could take Jack to the beach.  We did avoid the crowds as the restaurant was pretty empty, but it was also on the gimicky side and the crab boils started at $25.  That was more than either of us wanted to spend but we did get a couple of nice lunch specials for $8.99.  Afterwards we started towards to the beach but then I realized that dogs weren’t allowed on the beach at all, not even with a leash.  That really surprised me, but at least I found out before we got there since it is a $290 fine!  Yikes.

I didn’t get a great picture of it but they built the bar around giant oak tree. Very cool

I had deviled crab (tasted like a crab cake) and clam chowder which was decent on calories but not very satisfying. Lee had a chicken sandwich he really liked.

The trash can and hole in the middle of the table was pretty darn cool!!

By this time it was 2pm and we could have gone back into Savannah, but both of us decided to leave some things for another day.  Our youngest daughter Kay was driving down from Maryland to stay with her sister to see her, and we both wanted to see her that evening.  More on that in the next post though!


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  1. I have been wanting to visit Savanah too. I have only driven through on my way to Florida.

    On Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 8:57 AM Camper Chronicles wrote:

    > Lee and Tracy posted: “Over the last five years we have had plans to stop > in Savannah several times but something always got in the way. Since it is > only two hours from Charleston we were going to go, but again one thing or > another has stopped us from taking the trip. So I wa” >

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