First Time Seeing Mom’s Condo

Jeremy was off on Tuesday and Wednesday and since my Dad wasn’t coming until Wednesday, I decided to give them so quiet time, borrowed their car, and drove the two hours to Myrtle Beach where my Mom lives.  You may remember when I went with my Mom looking for a condo.

She found one not long after we went looking, but I haven’t had an opportunity to see it until now. Kyrston and Oliver has an appointment in the morning at the pediatrician and while I was waiting for them, I received the mobile that I ordered him.  It was all ready when he came home from his appointment (the doctor said he was in “textbook health” and he really liked it once we turned it on.  Jeremy also dug out some of his baby pictures so we could see how much he looked like Oliver.  It’s too soon to tell but there is definitely some resemblance there as well.  Jeremy also brought home an awesome bib that one of the regulars at his restaurant bought him.  Love it!!


Jeremy..what a cutie.


Around 1pm,  I headed out and it was a beautiful drive.  I really loved her condo.  It was much bigger than it looked like in the pictures and her view is fantastic.

Spare bedroom has enough room for a double and bunk beds.

Master bedroom

Loved the kitchen and dining area.

Huge balcony and great view

After spending some time seeing the apartment we went down to the Marsh Walk and ate at a restaurant.  It was surprisingly crowded for a Tuesday evening and we had to sit outside to get a table.  IT was HOT (I found out later the heat index was 115), but the food was really good.

Nice Boardwalk

Lots of boats you can hire including this super cool pedal bar boat

The marsh area was lovely

The restaurant was known for their hush puppies with cinnamon butter. A little too sweet for me.

My crab cakes were the absolute, best I have ever had though.

After we ate we took a walk along the beach and I got to see the condo from the ocean.  Beautiful night, water was warm, and the view was great.  I left soon after though because I was trying to get home before dark, but I was really glad that I got to see it.  We will be coming back to the area in November and I hope to spend more time there.

Loved her condo

Most of the high rises in this section are gone though and they are replacing with these individual homes.

Lots of people were evening fishing

Great place to rinse off your feet

Mom’s dream has always been to live on the ocean and I am really happy for her.  I am not sure if it would be for me., but it’s nice to see she got exactly what she wanted.

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