First Time Meeting Great-Grandpa

When I was sure I would be coming to Charleston, I reached out to my Dad who lives in Ohio to ask if he wanted to come down and see the baby while I was there.  He lives in Ohio, but he got excited about the idea and booked a flight to come and see us.  It turned out that I would be having my 53rd birthday while I was there, so he scheduled his visit to coincide with my birthday which was really nice of him.

I dressed Oliver in a Doctor Love outfit because I thought Dad would get a kick out of it

Dad stopped and said hi to Finn first which was nice

Then we took a billion pictures

My dad is only 73 for those of you who are wondering and yes ladies he’s single 🙂

Four generations me, Oliver, Kyrston and her Papa

What happened next was 2-1/2 days of amazing meals and family time.  Dad kept picking up the check which was so nice of him and I kept telling myself my diet was starting September 1.  Charleston has some amazing food.

Had an elaborate dinner at Hall’s Chophous where Jeremy works

The baby was in the booth next to Jeremy and slept through the entire thing which was amazing

They are both tired but Kyrston was super excited to get out.

Finn loved the bone we brought him back

Kyrston and Dad went alone for lunch to S Lightly North of Broad. I babysat and did just fine.  Dad is eating a pot du creme.

And lots of baby time

We tried on all the outfits!! He’s already outgrown newborn

This was my absolute favorite moment. Oliver and Dad were looking intently at each other and then Oliver threw up all over dad. It was priceless!! Dad handled it very well.

The morning of my birthday Dad checked out of his hotel and was driving to see my sister and her kids in Charlotte, but he wanted to take me to breakfast first.  Again I tried to pay but he was having none of it and we went to Jeremy and Kyrston’s favorite breakfast place called The Early Bird Diner.   They were thrilled to meet the baby and once again he slept through the entire meal.

Jeremey greeting Denise their favorite waitress

Once again happy to be out and about.

From Left: Jeremy, Kyrston, me, and Dad

It was a wonderful couple of days and I am so grateful that he took time off work to come down and see us.  I will be flying out on Saturday and as much as I hate to leave I am anxious to get back to Lee and Jack.  We will be coming back in November for Lee to meet his grandson and again I am very grateful that Lee held down the forst so I could do this.  Oh one last thing.  Oliver got me something for my birthday.  It was incredibly thoughtful and the note in the card was my favorite part.  Being a grandmother is really special.



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