Oliver Meets his Great-Grandma

As soon as my mom and sister heard I was coming into town, they made plans to come down and see Kyrston and I.  I love that about my family, how we always come together for big events.  I was especially pleased to learn that my niece Bailey was coming as well.  It has been well over a year since I have seen her and I was excited to learn about what she was doing.

My sister, my niece Bailey, and my mom Connie.

Mom’s first great grand child

Four generations

Kyrston didn’t have a baby shower, but with so many of us together it turned into one.  Mom and Wendy brought a ton of presents and we all spent time talking about our experiences.  My sister Wendy is a labor and delivery nurse so she was full of the latest and greatest info. For example,  did you know that they file babies nails now instead of cutting them? We were all careful though to make suggestions and not hand down absolutes because ultimately Kyrston has the right to make her own decisions regarding raising her child.


We also spent some time helping Kyrston finish Oliver’s room.  My sister helped her build a shelf and I reorganized and cleaned the closet.

Kyrston hand painted all the animal pictures at the top. She did a great job!!

Wendy organized the shelves

I worked on the closet

So happy she has plenty of diapers to get started!

The best part was the opportunity to take some family pictures.  The genes definitely run strong in our family and it was nice to have us all together.  The only downside was being with my family, my weight gain was super noticeable to me.  Short and Tshirts don’t help, and it was really clear that as soon as I get back I need to go on a diet.  Kyrston mentioned that she went without gluten for 30 days and lost 20 pounds before her wedding and after much thought I am going to give that a try.  I adore bread, but I am willing to try it at this point because 155 is an all time high for me.

Love this picture

My sister is the baby whisperer

Love this picture too because as you can see the women in our family have tons of personality and wear it on their face.

Mother and daughter? They look more like sisters

Is Bailey next?? Sure after she waits awhile!!

After everyone left I continued helping as I could.  I finished up the closet, did laundry, ran the dishwasher, and helped with the baby whenever I could so Kyrston could get some extra sleep.  The best thing though was when Kyrston gave Oliver his first bath.  Up until this point she has been doing sponge baths, but she decided to give it a try and it was so very nice being here for one of his firsts!  They both did great and it was a very special moment.

Getting ready

Finn’s coming in to see what’s happening

Really sweet moment.

Getting a bath is hard work. Oliver’s tuckered out!

I hate that Lee is missing these moments byut really appreciate him making this possible for me. We sent him a Team Grandpa shirt picture to thank him

One last thing, folks have been asking me who Oliver looks like, so I found a minute and got Kyrston’s baby picture and put it side by side with Oliver.  Looks pretty clear to me 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Oliver Meets his Great-Grandma

  1. Let me know how the gluten free works out…I have been doing Weight Watchers for over a. year….it is slow and steady, happy to chat about it anytime!

  2. Looks like a great visit! I loved watching my parents meet Freya for the first time – as special as it is being a grandparent – I can only imagine being a great grandparent!

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