First Christmas Gate Guarding

Since we went on the road we have managed to be with family or friends every year at Christmas time.  The first year we spent Christmas with my sister and her family, and the next year was  Christmas with our youngest daughter in Monterey, California.  The next year we were selling Christmas trees and although we didn’t like the job we were surrounded by Christmasy things which was some consolation, and we got to have Christmas dinner with Cori’s family which was really nice of them. Last year we worked Amazon, but since we were finished on the 21st we were able to go to Columbus and I spent Christmas morning with my brother and his family and we stayed at Lee’s parents’ and were surrounded by amazing Christmas decorations.  So really every year we had some elements of Christmas, although they were certainly nothing like the huge family Christmases we used to have when our kids were young.

This year we made a conscious decision not to go back east and we knew we would be working through the holiday.  It’s interesting that for someone who was so into Christmas how fine I am with letting that go.  Perhaps it is the simplicity of our lifestyle, or the reality of the need to make money, but in either case I didn’t find myself being particularly bummed out that we were missing the festivities.  My life is just different now, and instead of focusing on what I am missing, I am grateful for what we have.  The weather is gorgeous for one thing, 70 degrees and sunny as of this writing, and we have a nice gate and a good company to work for. It’s really been very peaceful here.

I did decorate though.  It started out somewhat half-hearted because Lee went to a ton of trouble to get my ceramic Christmas tree out of the storage unit, so I should put it out.  Turns out we had some lights and a few other decorations though so I had ended up having some fun with it.

Here’s my ceramic tree that started it all

Jack’s cage got a little dressing up

It’s nice from the outside. The drivers can see our being festive


My Aunt Cathy sent me this really cute little ornament which we have added to the mix! Very nice of her to think of us.

I will say that working the night shift was a bit of a bummer.  It was a beautiful night with a full moon and a pretty slow day but when the clock rolled over and hit 12:01 I was a little bummed. I did say Merry Christmas to Jack and gave him a piece of egg.  That sounds sad, and it did feel a little sad in that moment, but then I just kept going through my night.  It was my intention to upload my ebook as sort of a present to myself but the formatting wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be, so I decided to let that go and look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. One of the drivers did stop and give me some homemade venison summer sausage which Lee absolutely loved.  It was very nice of him, and I was glad he did it, because aside from that it really was just like any other day.

The summer sausage also has jalapenos and Lee loves it.

Christmas day was a nice one because it was really slow (Lee only had 13 vehicles in 8 hours!) and we got to talk to our parents and our kids, which was nice.  We also had a special dinner of massive 1 1/2 lb ribeyes, and shrimp, and Jack got the bone on my ribeye which he REALLY liked.

Yummy shrimp


And Lee got me Bookbinders cocktail sauce which is my absolute favorite. It was funny because I was talking to my dad and he said he went to some trouble to get Bookbinders this year as well. It really is very good.


Fantastic Lindor truffles for dessert …my favorite


Lee got these beautiful ribeyes for $4.99 a pound. Have to love Texas.


It took Jack a few minutes to figure it out but then he was in heaven.

Speaking of Jack, he’s been a real trooper about Christmas.  He doesn’t seem to get it but he was really great about letting Lee take pictures of him in a Santa hat and was a really good puppy when we took advantage of the slowness and gave him a nice clipping today.

That’s a good boy!


Lee said this is his “I am waiting for Santa look”


He was absolutely terrific during the grooming.

And speaking of Santa hats, I got in on the action and wore one on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  No reason to not get into the holiday spirit a bit!


Overall it was a nice quiet day but of course we would rather be with family.  It was a conscious decision though so we can live with it.  The best part of the day was I finally got my ebook uploaded.  It takes up to three days to appear online and then I will be writing a post linking it and getting into more detail on how that all went.  It feels great to have it done though! Happy Holidays to everyone, and I hope you had a wonderful day.

(And finally, lest you think Jack is just a sweet harmless little fluffy puppy, here’s a few seconds of what it looks like when I got too close while he was enjoying that ribeye bone. He takes his meals as seriously as I do. – Lee)


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11 thoughts on “First Christmas Gate Guarding

  1. Merry Christmas! I haven’t seen you talk about a food sealing system before (in your picture here). Do you like it? Do you consider it a “must have”? Thanks!

  2. Loved the video of Jack and Lee. That’s what Max does when I try to take him out for his morning walk and he’s in bed with Eileen! He’s not happy. Jack doesn’t seem to have any eye discoloration from his tears yet. Is that because he’s still a pup or have you found a way to keep them clean?

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