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When I write these blog posts I generally try to go for a general theme, which sometimes means that cool little things get left our because they don’t follow the narrative.  Sometimes I just let them go, but I also put the pictures in a folder and sort of collect them and eventually make a post of them.  Since some of these are Lee being inventive I thought I would share them.  I always loves when he MacGyver’s stuff together.  Let me start with Jack’s AKC ID collar though.  He came with a microchip and a free registration and for $20 I enrolled him in a lifetime tracking program.  The company keeps your information on file, and if anyone contacts them they contact you, which is nice and puts a middle man between you and the person who found you dog.  I also purchased for an additional $20 this very nice collar, which has his name and ID number inscribed on it.

The collar was slightly heavy but he doesn’t seem to mind. Also dogs don’t have to be purebred to participate in the program.


Speaking of Jack, Lee figured out how to leave the barrier on the screened window up just enough so Jack could look out. He’s stealth puppy.


And he is enjoying hanging out in the sun with his Dad.

He has been on cow duty and actually his barking is doing a great job of keeping them away. This is the closest they have gotten to the RV.  You can see it down past the lights.

He’s also learned to play fetch (sot of) on the leash)

Good way to get him some safe exercise.

I also wanted to share what our water/electric/sewer setup is here gate guarding.  All setups are pretty similar, but there can be some variation.  We have a tank that holds 650 gallons of water which is filled every two weeks and the diesel for the generator is also filled every two weeks. The sewer bladder is weekly, which is a little different.  Turns out they have outlawed grey water on the ground here in Texas so the company needs to empty it more frequently.  The trailer and equipment is extremely well maintained and looks practically brand new which is nice.  The generator is also a newer one and relatively quiet.

From left: generator, water, and fuel oil. The water tank is black so it doesn’t grow algae in it.


Sewer bladder is pretty standard, but it’s a big one and being emptied weekly means no issue with full tanks.

What else?  Well, it is dusty, no way around that, and I have resigned myself to a thin layer of dust on everything.  We like the fresh air so I don’t want to stay completely sealed up and when there is a breeze dust comes with it.  One place I don’t want dust though is in the bed.  Jack has been sleeping with us, and the bed got pretty gritty, so Lee was able to wash the sheets finally.  Yes, we have enough water to do a couple loads of laundry a week as long as we keep our showers short.  Lee uses our fan to dry the sheets, and he found a new way to dry the pillow cases.  Just love this.

Pillow case is clothes pinned to the fan


Amazing right…who thinks like that?? My guy!

Speaking of Lee’s inventions, it is really bothering us that Jack can’t run around (there is no dog park anywhere close by), he created a run between the RV and our truck.  Unfortunately Jack isn’t a huge fan and we can’t leave him alone because of the coyotes, but it will still a cool idea and worth sharing.


Finally, I’ve been a little disappointed in the sunsets we have been seeing, but finally we got a couple of nice ones.  It can be beautiful out here sometimes.

We have one lovely little flower growing right by our RV



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6 thoughts on “Little Bit of This and That

  1. Interesting how much more affordable the microchips are, with our dog Duke, I had him chipped the first year they came out…and it was $100…which that many years ago was a LOT of money! Great piece of mind…Jack looks so happy, and it seems that he is adding so much to your quality of life also! Merry Christmas my dear friend.

  2. Hi I love reading your blog and Jack is the cutest. Have you thought about using a harness instead of a leash? I found the following on a Google search. Using a *harness* instead of a collar makes it easier to control and manage any *dog*, even those with leash manners that aren’t quite perfected. … Very small *dogs* can be prone to injury from pulling or tugging on the leash. A *harness* disperses pressure over a larger area of his body, reducing strain on his neck and back.

    On Mon, Dec 24, 2018, 12:46 PM Camper Chronicles Lee and Tracy posted: “When I write these blog posts I generally try to go > for a general theme, which sometimes means that cool little things get left > our because they don’t follow the narrative. Sometimes I just let them go, > but I also put the pictures in a folder and sort of” >

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