First Time Publishing an Autobiography

It was never really my intention to write an autobiography, but last year while we were gate guarding I was struck by how much of our early journey was missing from the blog.  When I wrote those initial posts we were keeping our desire to become full timers a secret, and even when we went on the road I was very hesitant in the beginning.  Consequently there were stories from the beginning that never were told, and while I was working nights gate guarding, a chunk of it poured out of me.

Turns out that was the fun part, because the last several months has been about editing those raw words and that wasn’t nearly as fun.  Thankfully my oldest daughter Kyrston helped me because I honestly don’t know if I would have gotten through it without her.  Unlike blog posts, which generally are about whatever is happening in my life, these chapters required some introspection, and it was tough at times to figure out how to cover all of the material without being boring.  The sections with conflict or drama were relatively easy to write and held up well during the editing process, but the slower periods required numerous rewrites.

I also spent a ton of time formatting it to make it eBook friendly, and spent literally hours working on styles, pictures, and page layouts.  That work I was not expecting, but in order to keep the cost down I chose to do all of the formatting work myself.  I learned quite a bit in the process but it was painful! The cost is $4.99, or free if you have a monthly Kindle membership. In the interests of full transparency, I receive $2.50 per book sold.

Obviously this work is definitely a labor of love, and now that I am letting it out into the world I do feel a sense of loss. The story is very personal to me, and it was harder than I thought to put some of these thoughts and feelings out there.  It was also hard to finally say it was “good enough”, but I truly could have reedited this book a hundred more times and I don’t think it would have been demonstrably better.  For better or worse, it is what it is, and for those of you who have been waiting, I hope you enjoy it.

Click here if you would like to download the ebook.


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5 thoughts on “First Time Publishing an Autobiography

  1. Since I can not edit the last post, ok it does work. I was just tapping on the wrong word. I was tapping on bold “ebook” not the word “here”.

  2. Great job with the book! I read the whole book in two evenings! I am a long time follower that would be open to full timing but my husband is firmly entrenched in the SF Bay Area. We make several trips a year in our Class B van which keeps me happy.

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