Playing with Ollie

Over the next week we got to spend lots of time with Oliver.  I had a three day work event that kept me pretty busy, but Lee and Kyrston went one of those days to an indoor play area called InSlide Out.  Kyrston did a ton of research about COVID protections before agreeing to go and they arrived close to when it opened to be extra safe.  Turned out that was a non issue because they had lots of employees sanitizing throughout the visit and at $8 per kid (adults are free) it was a great bargain.  Lee loved playing with his grandson especially in the little kid area.




Huge “sand” pit



Oliver’s favorite was putting the balls in these tubes…he did it for a long time


Grocery store play area


And veterinarian


Loved this sign


And this one even better

I can’t wait until it’s my turn to go.  Thankfully I went on vacation and was able to meet Kyrston at Chili’s for lunch.  It was my first Grandma lunch and he did a terrific job.


First tortilla chip


Trying some chicken enchilada soup…not a fan


Playing/eating crayons 🙂


But he did like his bite of molten lava cake. Kyrston only allowed one bite because nap time was coming up…she’s no fun 🙂



This picture says it all


Oliver even came over to the RV after we were done but this was a little challenging.  We are definitely not baby proofed, but he had a good time anyways.  Probably at this age being at his house is better though.


He loved the fan


And the remote


But being with Grandpa was the best

Finally we went to the restaurant Kyrston works at…Acme Low Country Kitchen on Isle of Palms.  We got to meet her boss and her co workers and I thanked her boss for the strong COVID precautions they have put in place.

Loved the sign


Kyrston and her Papa


Fried green tomatoes


Lee’s wedge salad


And my yummy platter with a crab cake, scallops, and local shrimp!


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