Playgrounds Galore

One of the downsides of COVID for young first time parents is they face tough choices about socializing their kids.  Many of the normal things you would do are now riskier and thought needs to be put into whether or not to stay inside.  Our grandson is in that group of only children who have largely become mobile in a COVID world.  As a grandparent I really want to take him places and do things, but every choice is a conversation with his Mom and Dad about risk versus reward. That being said I think socialization is incredibly important at this age, so we have been able to take him a few places while we have been here.  Playgrounds seem to be something that works and for the indoor variety we go early in the morning and leave when it starts to get crowded.   It’s not perfect by any means but it has been fun for Oliver and allowed him to be in proximity to other kids his age.  

I wanted to share some of the pictures, because well he is a cutie patooty. These moments are not grand, sweeping nature vistas but they are just as precious to me. 

I finally got to go to Inslide Out…loved it

And I picked out his first build a bear

When he gave his new stuffed kitty a kiss…goodness full heart

Going by bye’s with grandma

he loved this really cool bell clanger

Lee sticks his tongue out like that 🙂

Swinging with grandma

When it got crowded we went and ran around in the baseball field


My beautiful daughter !

Finally we went to busy bee

This one is much larger and has a nice little restaurant

I’m ready to get in there !!

Grandpa is not a huge fan of taking his shoes off, but he will do it for Oliver

Oliver has no fear of the bigger play area which was fun. We got a work out following him

The individual play areas were really great.  Once again the grocery store was his favorite

Grandpa liked the movie theater

After all that hard work we were all hungry so left (again as soon as it got crowded) and went to an early lunch at Olive Garden.  It was Oliver’s first time and he did great!!

Took him a minute to appreciate the breadsticks


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