Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Since we had some extra time on Sunday we went to see the Japanese gardens but ultimately ended up seeing the Fort Worth Botanic gardens as well. To be honest we were a few weeks early for the best color, but it was great to see so many tulips and perennials in bloom. Initially our directions took us to the entrance to the Japanese Garden, but that entrance was closed and we were directed to enter through the Botanic Gardens and the pass through between the two areas was open. It was only $12 for both and well worth it.

The front entrance
Its a large footprint. We certainly got our steps in. I liked that each section had a theme.

The best part of the Botanic gardens was throughout the gardens there were stick sculptures made by David Rogers. They were absolutely beautiful and we spent lots of time trying to find them. The best was a set of stick huts that my pictures couldn’t come close to capturing. Beautiful and fun!!!

Although none of the roses were in bloom there were lots of flowers and that bright color was wonderful after so much Texas brown.

My favorite part of the gardens though was the Japanese garden. It was a much smaller footprint but absolutely beautiful, with loving attention to detail in the smallest spaces. We learned they host weddings and what a beautiful venue it would be. We also learned that it was once a concrete pit and what a lovely change they have made to it.

I am so glad we came here, because even though it wasn’t on my original list it was one of my favorite things we did in Dallas.

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2 thoughts on “Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

  1. Well, those stickworks took me down a slippery YouTube slope watching time lapse construction- what a talented artist! And his degrees are in English and hospital administration!
    Love all your photos-I went back and looked at your photos at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum…a lot of creative talent living in that RV! 😘

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