First Time at National Cowgirl Museum

Since the National Cowgirl Museum was in a separate part of town we decided to go on Sunday. Again, I didn’t know a lot about it, but this turned out to be MUCH better than expected. It’s a beautiful building and as Lee said, since it is a women’s museum it was clean, bright, and smelled nice. That’s a little tongue in cheek but it was a gorgeous building. We also got lucky because they had a small exhibit from the show 1883. I absolutely loved that series and it was awesome to see the actual clothes they wore when filming.

The museum is two floors and let me apologize in advance because I don’t have as many pictures as I usually have. Somehow I lost a group of them in transfer from phone to computer and there are many more exhibits than I have depicted here. Thankfully between Lee and I there were enough left to give you a feel for the museum. As an FYI, it has existed since the 1970’s but only moved into this new building 17 years ago. The building looks brand new though and is obviously well cared for.

Annie Oakley figured prominently (as she should have) and there was an entire section dedicated to her
My favorite piece was this beautiful bronze with two cowgirls riding on it.

Although it was an adult museum there were a couple of fun activities, including a booth where you could add yourself to an old time photo and for free text it to yourself. Lee and I had a blast with that and was a wonderful part of the museum.

Look for Lee in the back
And I am on the right
Ok…I got a little silly 🙂

It was wonderful museum and I am so glad that we went. I highly recommend it if you are in the Fort Worth area. Also it is in a cultural center where the Will Rogers stadium is. This stadium is beautiful and specifically for horse and cattle related events. And I bought one of my all time favorite magnets there. Loved it!

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