February Budget 2021

This month we are on our way to getting back on track, spending $5,484 this month! We are finally heading north though, and with gas prices on the rise I imagine our costs will be going up until we arrive at Lee’s summer gig in Yellowstone. Still, it was a great month as we managed to complete lots of RV projects, he got materials to do others later on, and spend some time with our friends. For more details see below.

Entertainment – We stocked up on books and visited Austin this month. Lee also bought the complete Laugh-In DVD series that he has been looking for for years. This also includes our newspaper subscriptions and I bought a bunch of stuff to try tie dying when we land in the summer. I saw a beautiful ombre dyed flannel shirt in Gruene and would like and try to create my own.

Food – We stocked up on Costco and our new freezer is full!! We also ate with friends some.

Home Repair and Maintenance – We always take advantage of the Center for Mental Wellness to make home repairs. Lee replaced the plumbing under the bathroom sink because it was leaking, and finally found a solution for leak detection and prevention. (More on that in another post) Lee bought antennas for the cell router and WIFI which has really improved our signal. Lee cleaned our carpets with a professional rented carper cleaner (highly recommend this). Lee also bought numerous parts to complete projects in the future. Lee spent a ton of time getting us organized and it really has improved not only the space but also has made our moving days much easier. Little by little we are getting to the point where we have to do almost nothing to move apart from bringing in the slides.

Truck Fuel – Love to see $175 here, but diesel went up 50 cents over the course of two days so that’s going to obviously go way up. I will say two things about the fuel costs. First I am grateful we are making enough money that we don’t need to curtail our travel to save fuel. That has not always been the case over the last 7 years of full timing. Secondly I fully support the Ukranian people and if we need to pay higher fuel costs to help them that is a relatively small sacrifice. Personally I can’t get rid of the image of a mother with a newborn baby in the basement of a hospital because of the bombing. I’ll pay more.

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