Holding Down the Fort

This is one of those catch up posts where I mention all the largely boring things we have been doing, but before you skip it I wanted to mention that I have updated the Inside Mod and Outside Mod pages. Lee has done some amazing work on our rig over the last seven years and I have linked the individual posts so things are easier to find. Enjoy!

So what’s up with us? Well first off I am a huge football fan and what an amazing year. Since I miss so many games when we are traveling Lee and I have a deal I can watch as many playoff games as I want. Well I watched most of them and they were excellent. I am not a Bengals fan but I am from Ohio so was pleased they did so well.

Then of course there was the Olympics. Lee and I are a little Olympics obsessed and try to watch some of every sport. The only thing I skipped completely this year was the women’s single ice skating. Too much drama. Don’t get me wrong doping is a serious issue especially with minors but I really use Olympics as chill time.

Anyways, during some of this Lee and I were pet sitting. We watched Callie (Bill and Kelly’s cat) and Tripp (Cori and Greg’s dog) when they went out of town on respective trips. Callie is pretty easy but Tripp and Jack love causing a ruckus when they get together. Seriously it was like having two toddlers in the house and although it was fun it was a little exhausting. šŸ™‚

Ever vigilant for deer and delivery drivers
Aunt Tracy is not giving me what I want so I am pouting!!

They were a ton of fun though and Lee got lots of great video.

What else? Well, we normally don’t do Valentines Day since our anniversary is Feb 4th but this year Lee bought me some flowers and an amazing collapsible pizza holder. First of all I love collapsible stuff. Second I often buy a large pizza and then eat two pieces for lunch every day, but storage is a pain, and best of all it was something I had never seen and inexpensive…super cool. Honestly one of the best Valentines presents I have ever gotten!!

What else? Well, we had one weekend to ourselves here and took some time going to thrift stores. I saw a cool video on tye-dying flannels and wanted to see if I could get some from a thrift store. Plus I am always on the lookout for old cook books. Lee has started looking as well and he has gotten some great shirts and is on the lookout for tablecloths. Honestly its a fun thing to do and since we always go to non profit thrift stores the little money we spend goes to a good cause. This time Lee scored though when he found a brand new Echo Show for only $30 (Retail $159). Works great and we both really like it.

I landed a canape bakery set for $6 and using frozen bread dough made a really cool heart shaped bread. The idea is you can slice them thin and use for hors d’oeuvre. Honestly I was dubious but they actually worked great. So fun!!

And finally since we are leaving soon to head north we decided to go to all those small restaurants in Canyon Lake we always wanted to try. It was a mixed bag but fun to eat out. I have put on a couple of pounds though so back on the diet!! You would think all those dog walks would have evened things out.

I think I am seeing a pattern here and I forgot to mention I bought an ice cream maker and have been experimenting. My favorite so far was this old fashioned vanilla ice cream I found in a thrift store cook book. Yummy!!! But yeah I see where those extra pounds are coming from šŸ™‚

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