Heading South in a Hurry

We had time to visit one more waterfall in Connecticut and thankfully we were able to park in a spot close by. My sprained ankle was still really bothering me but I couldn’t pass up the chance to see this beauty. Wadsworth Falls State Park has two parking areas and the main one is pretty far from the falls, but there is a smaller parking lot right next to them. It was gorgeous with the fall colors and we even saw some horses at the base.

There were quite a few people but everyone was very polite and spaced out.
Plus you could get up close and personal with the falls

We had another full weekend with Kay before heading south but unfortunately a Nor’easter blew through. On Friday we started to experience some power fluctuations and on Saturday the power was out all together. The campground only had a few people staying in it, but we assumed someone would call the owner, but unfortunately that didn’t happen until Lee called in the afternoon. She sent someone to take a look but they were definitely out of their league and we had to disconnect from the power completely. Thankfully we own a surge protector which protected our rig , because two other couples who did not lost several pieces of electronics. One guys TV and coffee maker were fried and another person said they thought they lost the entire electric in their travel trailer.

Under normal circumstances we could have made do with solar, but we were coming off of multiple overcast days and our campsite was in a shaded area. Since I had a three day online event I was facilitating starting on Monday, Lee felt it was best to pack up and head south. Thank heavens he had that idea because to be honest I kind of froze under the pressure of it all. We left first thing Sunday morning and drove a loooong day through NYC, Philly, and Baltimore. We decided to stop at the Cherry Hill campground north of DC because I thought Lee could go into DC during my events. The prices there are crazy high at $90 a night, and even our discounted, off season price was $76. Still it was worth it for having stability for the few days of the event and Lee had an excellent time in DC. The campground did have a nice dog area and a small restaurant which was good, but I have to say no way was it worth what we paid.

The real problem though was once we arrived the power wouldn’t work. A couple of years ago Lee hardwired our surge protector into the RV and without it working we couldn’t get power. Thankfully there was a Camping world in the area and Lee unhitched quickly then jumped in the car to get there by 5pm. They actually waited a few minutes for him and were waiting by the door but he brought it home. He wasn’t done though because he had to pull a bunch of stuff out of the basement in order to get to the surge protector. He finally rewired it and we got power right before dark, but it was a crazy long and stressful day for both of us. Even though these surge protectors are $440 we are grateful we have one and have even decided to carry a spare in case something like this happens again. As an FYI this is the second time in 7 years poor power in a campground has fried a surge protector but in both cases our rig and appliances were spared any issues. In our opinion they are a MUST HAVE. The $400 saved us many thousands in replacement and repair costs.

Since we left early and traveled a long day we tried to get into our campground in Charleston early, but unfortunately the fair was happening and it was full. So we stopped in Raleigh and saw our friends Bert and Kat instead and we took a trip on Saturday to the local fair flea market. Despite the chilly temperatures it was a blast and they treated us to lunch at their favorite Mediterranean restaurant. Lee loved the food and even wrote the restaurant begging for one of their recipes.

Kat playing with some Hulk gloves
Kat and Bert

Finally we made it to Charleston on Sunday, but unfortunately the campground was right next to the fairgrounds. It took us 1hr and 45 min to go 2 miles (that is not an exaggeration) and we were both wrung out when we finally pulled in. Thankfully we got into a nice deep spot pretty easily and Jack was happy to run around a little bit. We did the bare minimum in setup and then headed to see Oliver, thankfully the traffic was much lighter going the other way. We weren’t sure how he would respond but he warmed up to Grammy and Pappy pretty quick and he loved the Elmo guitar I brought with me. Oliver is my happy place and I am happy we will be staying still for the next two months. The only bummer is this campground no longer does monthly rates and its costing us $1600 a month. But being 9 miles from Oliver is totally worth it and I am grateful we are in a financial situation where we can do it.

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4 thoughts on “Heading South in a Hurry

  1. Wow! $1600 a month to stay

    On Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 5:40 AM Camper Chronicles wrote:

    > Lee and Tracy posted: ” We had time to visit one more waterfall in > Connecticut and thankfully we were able to park in a spot close by. My > sprained ankle was still really bothering me but I couldn’t pass up the > chance to see this beauty. Wadsworth Falls State Park has two park” >

      • Supply and demand. Maybe the freshly minted Fulltime wannabes will get sticker shock and go back to their houses in the burbs and dump their remote mobile lifestyles leaving room for us retirees once again. Side benefit, CG rates will decline with less demand. $1600/mth site rental oughta include free electric, cable and massages twice a week or a hot tub on each site… just sayin’.

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