The Clock Museum

After the carousel museum we went down the road to the American Clock and Watch Museum. I enjoyed this one less than the carousels but Lee loved it, and again it was only $8. If you are wondering why this is in Bristol, CT (I did) apparently the town had 275 businesses around the clock and watch industry. The collection pieces are from several of those businesses and local leaders.

I really enjoyed the older clocks and in particular a display about Yankee Peddlers. Clocks were very expensive and were sold by the peddlers, often paid on installment plans. They had many beautiful examples of those clocks and some posters.

They also had a few really large clocks including one working one that was three stories tall. We learned every Friday two volunteers come in and wind the working clocks which takes them a few hours. The sounds were extremely soothing in the various rooms and I did enjoy reading about the history of many of the clocks.

The signage was excellent and I learned a lot including how the banjo clock was created. They were beautiful and there were some gorgeous examples

They also had a grandfather clock room filled with huge clocks.

Even clocks from around the world. In particular the Japanese clocks were fascinating. They count time in a completely different way based on sunup and sundown and I’ll be honest it hurt my brain a little trying to figure it out. The concept of time has deep impact on a culture and having a completely different way of measuring it says something about that culture. I am not smart enough to know exactly what but there is something there.

My absolute favorites though were the clocks that did something else. There were a variety of clocks used in businesses and I loved those.

This was my absolute favorite though a cool coffee table clock!! Beautiful.

I don’t know that I would go out of my way to see this museum but it is a couple miles away from the carousel museum which I would absolutely go out of my way for. Either way it was a nice inexpensive way to spend the day.

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