Another Union Station

The last three cities we have been in ( Nashville, St. Louis, and Kansas City) have all taken their Union Station building and done something really cool with them. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio we didn’t have a Union Station, so its been really neat seeing them when we travel. Update: My Mom sent me a note and apparently we did have a Union Station that is now full of shops. Crazy…I had no idea. In Kansas City they have absolutely made the most of the space, as the building houses several businesses. It’s also has gorgeous architecture and a beautiful fountain on the outside.

World War I memorial tower is in the background
Lee saw the Auschwitz exhibition on a separate visit, but I just wanted to see the planetarium. My grandson is half Jewish and I I don’t think I could get through the exhibit.

The inside is gorgeous with beautiful floors and ceilings. It also houses a Post Office and is a working Amtrak station.

It is a multi level building and in one small section there is a terrific model train exhibit. It is free (donations requested) and really well done. I particularly liked that there was a swipe machine for donations. I have never seen that before but wish more places had them.

Lee loves model trains

There is also a bridge you can walk across and see actual trains. The building is definitely kid friendly and houses a science museum, movie theater, and ice cream shop.

We came for the planetarium though because every day at 4pm they had a Beatles themed laser show. It was only $8 and I thought it would be fun but I have to say it was very disappointing. The show we saw had mostly basic graphics (think Spirograph) and although the music was good, it was kind of boring. Lee said he saw something very similar in 1986 and it was disappointing that they weren’t doing more with the technology that exists today.

Overall it was an OK trip and definitely a decent way to beat the heat but I wouldn’t rush back. The kids science center (which we did not go in) seemed pretty cool, so it might be worth going back for that. Lee also found the Auschwitz exhibit very impactful, but I am not going to review that here.

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