First Time at Worlds of Fun

When Lee was looking for a place to stay in Kansas City, once again we ran into trouble finding places to stay near the city that weren’t booked. Ultimately he chose staying at the campground owned by Worlds of Fun Amusement Park and it turned out to be really nice, although expensive. It was so nice in fact that I would put it right up there with the favorite places we have stayed and even thought about going back and doing a joint vacation with the grandkids when they’re old enough, since they have really nice cabins as well.

Beautiful deep sites with nice tree dividers for privacy
And who doesn’t love having a roller coaster in their back yard. We could hear the kids screams from a pleasant distance away.

I like our site because there was a giant hill behind us where I could walk Jack and watch the roller coasters every day. Well, I say everyday but the park was actually closed on Tues and Weds. And it closed at 7pm every night which was nice as well. It was a weird year because of COVID and the hours and rules were kind of all over the place. For example the campground offers a special 5 day pass to the park(s) for only $75, but when I went to buy it I was told it needed to be purchased in advance. I also found out later that I could have bought a food pass online which was actually a terrific deal and would have definitely been worth it. The people that work at the campground don’t seem to understand all the park rules, so again I would ask in advance and research online before booking.

Ultimately I ended up buying a two day pass for $60, which was still a really good deal. This included both the water and the amusement parks, but the water park was only available by reservation because of COVID. Again, things were weird and if you do decide to come I would make sure I got solid information about going to the parks at the time of booking my campground. That being said it was a great park and reminded me of the Kings Island of my youth. I ended up taking a Monday off and spending most of the day there and had a lot of fun.

Lee talked about going with me, but he was on the fence , and then an accident happened. He hit his toe on the bottom slide piece of our closet and severely bruised it. Initially we thought it was broken, but when he got an X Ray it was just a really bad sprain, but as you can see from the picture he wasn’t up for walking anywhere. And really I didn’t mind. Going to theme parks by yourself can be really fun, because you can do whatever you want.

YIKES…and yes it hurt as bad as it looked.

I ended up getting really lucky the day I went because it was overcast and the temperature was in the low 80s instead of the high 90’s the rest of the week. I chose not to go to the water park, but I did walk through and see everything. I think this would be a huge benefit for the grandkids, because they had lots of kid areas and the park is within walking distance.

The amusement park was divided into multiple sections and each one was a different continent. Although it was on the smaller side, I appreciate that they went to the effort and enjoyed walking through and seeing the different areas. I rode a few rides; two coasters, two water rides, and the cars, but mainly I just walked around and looked at everything. The park was clean and well staffed although throughout the day rides were up and down. I arrived first thing in the morning but many of the rides weren’t actually running yet and whether that was staffing or mechanical issues was unclear. I am guessing a bit of both.

Don’t get me wrong there were MANY more rides than I went on, but I am not as young as I used to be and I wasn’t up for the larger roller coasters. I also have never been a fan of the spinning rides and there were tons of those. It was neat watching them, especially the superman ride that is a giant bungee. I wish I had the guts to go on that one, but nope not happening.

Just to completely solidify my old lady status, I spent a lot of time in the shops. They were all themed based on the continent and I really enjoyed looking at the stuff they had. The cartoon characters are Snoopy so there were cute Snoopy stuff everywhere.

Speaking of Snoopy I loved the little kid amusement park area and really wished Oliver was with me to go on the rides. This area was extremely well done.

One of my favorite things I did all day was attend a dog show. All of the indoor entertainment was cancelled due to COVID, but there was a cute rescue dog show that had dogs taken from shelters and trained. Each dog had a story and since I found a spot in the shade I really enjoyed it.

All in all it was a good day, but by far my biggest complaint was how long the lines were. It was a Monday and there weren’t that many people there, but because of COVID they didn’t put multiple families in the same car. On the water rides in particular this caused huge delays as 8 person rafts would only have 2-3 people. They also don’t have single rider lines and their fast pass was an additional $45 which was too much. Between being bumped for Fast Pass holders and cars not being filled the lines got longer as the day wore on. I waited over an hour for the last water ride which was 3x the time it would normally take based on where I started in line. I did my part though and joined in with some kids near me so I went taken up a whole car by myself.

It’s not really fair to judge the park based on that kind of stuff though because of COVID. I am just really glad I went early on a Monday and didn’t try to go on the weekend. Overall I would like to go back, when things are back to normal.

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4 thoughts on “First Time at Worlds of Fun

  1. I’m presuming this adventure happened not so recently? The reason I ask is I was under the impression a lot of the COVID rules had been relaxed in the last several months.

    Enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing all your pics. Sorry to see Lee’s injury; hope he’s on the mend.

  2. Where’s the BBQ? KC is the BBQ? It all started at Arthur Bryant’s … and the Negro League Baseball Museum is a short walk away. Be sure to see the Satchel Paige exhibit.

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