First Time at Bee City

I really wanted to take Oliver to a petting zoo, but since he isn’t two yet I wasn’t sure how he would do with the animals. After doing some research Lee and I decided to try Bee City which was about 45 minutes north of Kyrston’s house. This was our first longish trip with him and let me say right up front Oliver was an absolute dream. He did great on the car ride and loved most of the animals. We all had an absolute blast and I was so happy everything went well. Can’t wait to have more adventures with my little guy.

He was excited to get out of the car.
Bee City is a petting zoo and honey farm in a small town north of Charleston.
For a small place they had tons of really cool things to see and at $12 a person it was a steal.
Our first stop was a giant caged in bird area. We were given birdseed to use and the birds were tame enough many landed on peoples hands.
Oliver was really gentle with the birds
Grandma and Oliver on the horse!
He did really good feeding all of the animals.
But this spider monkey was all of our favorite. We could feel his soft hands as we fed him cheerios. Super Cool
For the less tame monkeys we put the feed in a bowl on a wire
Then the monkey pulled it to him
They also had bunnies that ate carrots
Lemurs you could feed by hand
And Mike a really gentle camel that Oliver loved to feed.
They also had a really cool train playset
Some turtles to climb on
And a neat live bee display

The only downside was that the animals that were far away from their fence (including a huge tiger) Oliver didn’t really see. He was just too young to get that an animal laying and not really moving around was anything. Thankfully that was the exception rather than the rule and there was plenty to keep him entertained.

He spent a long time looking at the fish.
And even longer touching the turtle shells. He was fascinated by them.
My absolute favorite though was the baby kangaroo. Oliver got to feed him and it was amazing.
The only animals that we didn’t like were the alpaca. They spit!!!

As you can see it was a terrific day and we can’t wait to go back when he is older next year. Next up we are finally moving towards Minneapolis. We will be stopping in Nashville, St. Louis, and Kanasa City along the way. Our next grandson is due July 7th and looking forward to being there for the birth.

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3 thoughts on “First Time at Bee City

  1. Looks like Oliver had a wonderful time! Hope there was a lot of hand washing as petting zoos are notorious for passing on salmonella.
    Safe travels as you head back to our neck of the woods. In a tornado warning right now. You just never know with MN weather.

  2. Oliver is just precious. So sweet to see things through his eyes. I’m sure you will miss his as you travel west.

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