Kelly and Bill Come to Charleston

We haven’t had an opportunity to see many of our RV friends for the last several months, so we were thrilled when Kelly and Bill rearranged their travel schedule so they could come and see us. Since they visited on a Tues – Thurs we were able to get them the spot right across from us and they were both pretty excited to see some of the city. Plus Kyrston brought Oliver over one day and Kelly got to see him while Bill and Lee went to visit Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum.

Oliver and Kelly
Oliver likes to play with cans when he comes to my house and he discovered the ice machine
Plus our favorite meal is thin crust pepperoni pizza…we both love it !!!

I had to work while Kelly and Bill were here, but we did all go out to dinner at Halls Chophouse where my son-in-law is a manager. Bill said it was the best meal he has had since being on the road and he had the best bread pudding he has ever had. It was really fun and so glad we got to be together. Plus since we are all vaccinated we could finally hug!!

Kelly’s lamb was cooked perfectly
My steak was excellent. I even splurged and got crab meat on top.
And the deserts were to die for. I was trying to be good so I took this blueberry cheesecake home and ate it in small portions over several days.

That same week I also met my sister in Columbia and got to see my nieces new house. I have never spent any time in Columbia and we got to eat at one of her favorite restaurants and toured the downtown area. Unfortunately it poured rain, but I was still able to see the town.

Bailey and Wendy
Bailey’s neighborhood was really nice

It is so wonderful having the vaccine and not worrying anymore. I exchanged my first hugs with Wendy and Bailey as well making up for not being able to hug them at the wedding. I am super grateful that my shots are done and I am worrying so much less.

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3 thoughts on “Kelly and Bill Come to Charleston

  1. It was so awesome seeing you guys – we are so happy we got to stop in! It was well worth rearranging our travel plan! Looking forward to seeing you later this summer!

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