This is an additional post written by Lee.  He went back a third time to the prison for Hearsemania.   – Trace

While I was at the prison, I had seen a flyer for something called “Hearsemania” on Saturday at the Penitentiary.

A car show, but with hearses!

It was free, so I thought I would combine that with a quick visit to the Native American burial mound center across the street, and I was not disappointed in either of them. The hearse show was just a bunch of hearses in various stages of restoration lined up for people to stroll through and gawk at. Good old all American Saturday afternoon fun.

This post is nothing but 80 or so pictures, so enjoy!- Lee










































Huh – Trace





As I am seeing this pictures for the first time while editing the post I am holding my head in the hands. It is kind of funny though- Trace.


















Ok this one was really cool – Trace




















No Lee we are not getting a hearse. I wish I could say the gruesome tour was over but there are lots of creepy places in West Virginia and Lee apparently wants to visit them all. – Trace


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