First Time at Ohiopyle State Park

On Sunday, Bill and Kelly took us to Ohiopyle State Park.  They knows the kind of places I like, and I absolutely loved it. It is an interesting State Park because it actually encircles a small town.  White water rafting and winter sports are very popular here and the town was full of open businesses catering to those people.  I liked it so much that at the end I said I could absolutely live in a place like this.  Let me show you the amazing pictures though so you can see for yourselves.  One piece of advice is to go early because parking is an issue!


Bill found one parking spot and squeezed us in. Then we walked right down to the water.


During the summer this area is packed with families getting in the water


The water was on the low side but still lots of rapids.


Bill and Kelly


There were also lots of these little pools that kids can play in. Personally I love interactive nature.

There is a nice viewing platform of the largest waterfall.  It’s not the biggest waterfall we have seen but it was pretty and you can get close enough to feel the spray!!


The white water rafting tours start here after the waterfall.  In the upper left of the picture you can see the visitors center.


The visitors center also had an inside viewing area and this cool white water rafting display.


After the visitors center we walked under the road and over to town


We found a place with outdoor seating and had a gyro. Jack is getting really good at eating with us.




Once we explored the small town we took the bridge across the Yough River to the hiking trails.  You can hike into the forest or along the river and we chose to do the latter.


Cool bridge.


Jack is not a huge fan of bridges but he stayed with his buddy Bill and did ok.


This path has steep stairs and a rocky path. Definitely wear your hiking shoes.



After walking through a short section of woods we cut in and were on the rocks.  This part was a blast and Jack did great.  It was extra nice having Kelly and Bill along because we could pass the leash while we explored.



Look at Bills smile!  It was a gorgeous day.


Jack and the bridge. I took the leash out of all these pictures, but he stayed on one.





The water was so clear




Seriously could not take a bad picture


The bridge in the background was great


Made me wonder who John Davis was. Obviously he didn’t win.




Jack did a great job clambering over the rocks but he would not jump across the water.  A few times we had to carry him over and again Bill and Kelly were a huge help. It was a bit like having a toddler along 🙂


He had a blast though.





We all did


I loved being able to get so close to the falls and took lots of video. Lee edited it and its at the end of the post.


Because the water was low we were able to walk right down next to the falls and were lucky enough that a single hiker was walking by and took some pictures of all of us.


It was an absolutely perfect day and I am so grateful that we were able to spend it with our friends.  Next up we explore West Virginia and finally get that state sticker!

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