Weird Labor Day Weekend

Because our trip to the UP got so messed up as a result of being hit by another car, we decided to just head for Columbus a few days earlier than our reservation at Alum Creek State Park.  Unfortunately there are a limited amount of campgrounds in Columbus and none had availability for Labor Day weekend.  I decided to call my Dad and ask if we could park in his driveway, and he was nice enough to say yes.  Our plan was to stay in his house but we could park the rig there while we were inside.  This turned out to be pretty nice because we had all of the stuff from our place with the added conveniences of being in a house.   I even washed all my dishes in his dishwasher and did a ton of laundry.  I do miss some household conveniences!!

But, I am skipping ahead.  First we had to get there, and less than 5 miles from the fairgrounds in Minneapolis, we had a blow out on the RV.  Thankfully we had renewed our Good Sam towing that month so we were covered, but it still took about three hours to get someone to us and get the tire changed.  We had a spare to use, but Lee was pretty concerned, especially because our TPS system gave us no warning at all.  We are seriously looking at upgrading from G to H Tires at this point and will probably try to do that in Columbus.

Against my better judgement we bought Chinese made G rated tires about a year ago and have nothing but trouble with them.  Personally I am never buying a tire that isn’t made in the USA again.  Update:  My daughter felt this sentence might come across wrong so let me refine it.  We started with tires manufactured in China and had a huge blowout.  Upgraded to Goodyear G’s and had no issues until they had to be replaced from normal wear.  Went to G tires manufactured in China and had a flat and then a blow out.  Yes, this is a small sample size, but we have heard enough anecdotal evidence (along with our own experience) to say we will never buy Chinese manufactured TIRES again.  Obviously I buy many goods that are manufactured in China and like them just fine.  My comments are only related to RV tires. 

Lee did an excellent job of getting us quickly and safely off to the side of the road.

The rest of the trip went very well, with overnight stops near the highway and staying on major roads.  As Lee explained in the last post we saved lots of money with our new fuel card, and the trip was largely drama free.  We pulled into Dad’s and got set up and Jack checked it out.  He has only been in houses a few times and didn’t know what to make of the place.  Thankfully my Dad is a dog magnet and they became fast friends in no time.  I am not going to share pictures of the house to respect his privacy, but I did want to share his outdoor plants.  He bought them when they were small and they are so huge and beautiful.  Had no idea my Dad had such a green thumb!

It ended up being a weird weekend, mainly because of the sports.  My Dad loves sports and we watch them together, but this year we watched the Army football game, golf, and the Kentucky Derby.  That was exciting because Dad is really into the race and because it was delayed I actually got to see it with him.  I was also in Columbus for his birthday, which again is a rare treat.   We went out to eat together a few times to local places and he took us to see the Grove City historical park.  This is all brand new, and they have moved multiple buildings to an open field area.  My favorite was the bell from a local church and Dad shared that when he was a young boy he got to ring the bell which was really fun.

We ate at a diner which was my kind of place. Reasonably priced and yummy food.

Dad and I went to the Farmers Market

And ate outside at Planks one of his favorite downtown restaurants. REALLY good club sandwich.

The bell from the local church

While we were there come classic cars rolled in which was cool

The old train depot.  When I was a baby we lived in apartments near the railroad tracks. The “‘wrong side of the tracks” was an actual thing in my hometown.

On Sunday, my brother came down to visit with my 5 year old nephew and my Aunt and Uncle stopped by as well.  Seeing relatives with COVID is super tricky and I am always left feeling like I could have done more.  I am not hugging people, and in the case of seeing my grandfather sat outside with masks on, and more than six feet away, but not everyone feels the same way.  At this point I worry less about myself than them, and the thought of passing COVID to people I care about is terrifying.  Still many people just aren’t worried about it, so I did the best I could in the different situations I found myself in.

My brother cooked dinner.

My Uncle Don and Aunt Susie came over

Dad and my nephew Lex

I made this special desert for Lex. It was packed with calories but kind of yummy. Pudding and Swiss rolls!!

On Monday, we headed out to the State Park we had reservations at, but before that I took Dad to lunch.  We went to my favorite childhood Chinese place, Ding Ho’s, and it was just as good as I remembered.

Hands down the best won ton soup I have ever had.

This dish is called War Su Gai and is their specialty. It is not something I see often on the road, and it was delicious.

Next up: seeing Lee’s parents, Bryan and Susan, and a special appearance by Cory and Greg!  It was a busy week in C-Bus so stay tuned!

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