TSD Logistics Update

For those who read the recent post about the TSD logistics card, I promised to keep you updated regarding the price performance, and here’s the first update! The app update that they promised for the end of August has not yet been released, but that’s pretty normal. Things get delayed. (UPDATE: Right before this post was published, the new app was released. So once I’ve had a chance to use it I will write up a post about it!)

In the first week of September, we drove from Minneapolis, MN to Columbus, OH, and I carefully tracked the advertised “street” price per gallon for fuel at all of our stops. In ALL cases, the price we saw advertised was the same as other truck stops within a reasonable driving distance, so this is what we would have paid without the TSD card. Also in ALL cases, we used the app to locate the lowest price whenever we needed fuel, and we tend to fuel up with around 50 miles remaining in the tank. Here are the results of the stops, in the order they happened. The “fee” for the discount, as well as the per transaction fee are already calculated into the data.

$ 2.18 per gallon street price
$ 1.86 per gallon discounted
$ 12.51 (14%) saved

$ 2.18 per gallon street price
$ 2.01 per gallon discounted
$ 9.74 (7%) saved

$ 2.19 per gallon street price
$ 1.90 per gallon discounted
$ 6.54 (13%) saved

$ 2.34 per gallon street price
$ 1.99 per gallon discounted
$ 6.76 (15%) saved

$ 2.29 per gallon street price
$ 1.93 per gallon discounted
$ 8.92 (16%) saved

$ 2.55 per gallon street price
$ 2.33 per gallon discounted
$ 8.71 (9%) saved

$ 2.99 per gallon street price
$ 2.22 per gallon discounted
$ 8.71 (25%) saved

So for the entire trip we saved a whopping $ 61.89 on diesel fuel over 876 miles, averaging  14% savings over the street price, and that’s AFTER the fee for the discount and the transaction fees.

I’m impressed so far, and can’t wait to see how the numbers continue to add up. We will sitting here in Columbus until September 17th, and then hitting the road again, so there will be more data to report!

(If you decide to sign up for the card, you can mention us by name and we will get a nice small fuel credit after you purchase a certain amount of fuel!)

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4 thoughts on “TSD Logistics Update

  1. Been using the TSD card for several years now, love the savings
    New app is better to find the lowest cost fuel
    They are improving there RVer package all the time, it gets better and better


  2. What locations (outlets) are you getting the discounts at? Pilot, TA, Loves… any regular service stations like major brands, shell, BP etc? curious to see what limitations the card has. Impressive savings to be sure.

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