July 2020 Budget

July was not a cheap month, as we spent $5352.  Lee made $1,035 at the job though which helped offset some of the costs.  In all fairness July has always been an expensive month for us as we had three family birthdays in that month.  Now we have four as we celebrated Oliver’s first birthday as well, and that all adds up.  For more details see below.



Campground Fees – We spent $364 in campground fees.  At this point we are focused more on safe places with cell coverage and availability than cost.  That may change after summer, but for right now many people are camping since travel is so difficult, which limits choices. (Overall I think we will be spending more on campgrounds than we have in the past, because we were almost always working and getting the space for free, which will be less the case now. – Lee)

E-Cigarettes – I wanted to mention that the excise tax in Minnesota is incredibly high for e-cigarettes.  This came as a complete surprise to me and has almost doubled the cost. If I would have known I would have stocked up in Texas.

Clothing – Lee bought a pair of Merrell’s and ended up getting the waterproof version by mistake.  He didn’t like them after wearing them and ended up getting a second pair.  Those aren’t cheap so we took the hit for two pairs this month.

Dining Out – We ended up spending $434 on dining out.  Part of this was how hot it was as we traveled so we ate fast food and part was the restaurants opened up a bit and we treated ourselves. We have also been having problems with our convection microwave and ultimately needed to replace it.  While we are trying to coordinate getting the new one installed (it’s a two man job and I can’t help), we are a bit limited in what we can cook.

Entertainment – Traveling again we paid for some modest entrance fees, bought some books, and a couple magnets.

Gifts – We spent $312 on all the birthdays.  That’s actually not bad, I used some serious restraint when buying for Oliver.

Groceries – When we were in a remote area in Minnesota the food costs were definitely higher than Texas.

Home Repair – We spent over $600 on home repair/replace items.  This was $363 for a new air compressor, $166 for a new door for the washing machine, and $76 for the replacement microwave (we got a partial credit because it was only six months old).   I have noticed that many of the items we have had for 5 years are kind of simultaneously breaking.  In all fairness anything made in today’s world that lasts five years is great, but its unfortunate these things are all going at once.

Personal Care – I finally got a hair cut and a pedicure for $99.  Totally worth it.

Pets – We went a little crazy buying $129 worth of stuff for Jack.  Hadn’t been in a pet store for months so I got a new collar, new leash, lots of treats etc. I am still grooming him myself so that’s some savings in money.

Truck Fuel – We spent $577 in gas which really is pretty good considering we went from Texas to Minnesota and explored in between. Partly this was due to extremely low gas prices and partly due to using our TSD Logistics Program. So we went a little crazy but again we had some income to offset. 

We have managed to put $11K in savings in the last six months so I feel OK about where we are. I can’t overstate how different this is with having a regular income versus relying on work kamping jobs.  I know not everyone is lucky enough to find a job that allows for travel, but if you can I highly recommend it.

(Here’s some more detail for those that like that sort of thing! – Lee)

This month we used a total of 491.74 GB of data on our AT&T unlimited plan, across all of our devices. (Total for the year is a whopping 38.47 terrabytes. That unlimited plan is worth every penny.) 

For July we had a mixture of places we stayed….

  6 days “moochdocking” or staying with friends – $0
12 days  work kamping where the site was provided – $ 0
13 days  paid campsites – Total of $ 364.47, averaged to $  11.76 per night for the month

We put a total of 2,734.4 miles on the truck, 1,458.9 of which included the trailer with total engine hours for the month of 73 hrs, 35 mins, 33 secs. 

Year to date we’ve traveled 7,406.6 miles, 2,747.6 of which was pulling the trailer, with year to date engine hours of 203hrs, 01 mins, 43 secs. 

We burned a total of 270.6 gallons of diesel, and averaged 10.1 mpg for all of our travel, with a year to date total of 640.9 gallons at 11.6 avg mpg.

Our travel map for the month of July…


and our travel map year to date starting from Charleston after Christmas….






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2 thoughts on “July 2020 Budget

  1. 450+GB of data is interesting. We just got our mobile internet solution with unlimited unthrottled data. I had estimated 200GB for us, but during the COVID we have averaged 400GB…. netflix will do that to you. We can relate to repairs coming in bunches. They really put a dent in the budget.

    We close on the house in a week and we are 98% moved into the RV. Its getting real…. fast.

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