First Time Adding Living Room Carpet

(Trace has asked me to point out to readers that I have never done this before, except for the kitchen carpet, and that if I can do it, anyone can. So, I’ve never done this before, and if I can do it, anyone can. – Lee)

The next step in our five year face lift was the living room.  This time Lee had more carpet to work with, but he still had to be careful because he also had the bedroom to do, and some detail work around a few slides.  Again, he had to move everything up onto the couch or down into the kitchen and then he pulled up the existing carpet.

(They use the cheapest carpet they can in these things, and after 5 years we had quite a few stains on the living room carpet, plus it was just looking threadbare and gross. Also, it was a very low pile and really thin padding. Here are some pictures of what we were replacing. – Lee)





(Plus the entrance to the living room at the top of the stairs was in REALLY bad shape. – Lee)




I was really surprised by how much dust was underneath. I’m not sure why I was surprised but if nothing else we got this cleaned up


There were lots of stains in front of the chair. I would love to say this was Jack but really it was me spilling beverages. I’m a terrible spiller and it really shows!!


We weren’t 100% sure Lee would have enough carpet to do the slide box with the desk, so he held off on that initially.


Removing the banister was a real pain point. Turns out the screws were all stripped.  No clue how this got so rusty.


And he couldn’t remove the ones against the wall because they were rivited from INSIDE the wall. So basically he just removed the bottom ones and worked under and around the banister.




The stairs also needed work as he removed the old carpet

(In addition to the carpet on the facing of the stair risers, it partially went along the face of the curve. I really didn’t like that, so I decided to take it off completely. – Lee)

(Jack was generally disgruntled about all the chaos and noise in his normally peaceful and quiet environment. – Lee)


He had to remove the plugs to lift the stairs


(I had to drive a screw into the plug a little and then wiggle them out. – Lee)



And found tons of unused storage space underneath.

Lee really wanted to capture the space underneath but unfortunately the angle of the stairs did not allow him easy access.  For now he is leaving them alone, but I know sooner or later he will figure it out.  He is on a mission to capture all unused space!!

(I did at least clean it up, it was a mess under there. – Lee)



Lee did have supervisors checking on his work


And once the carpet was up Hobie declared the job well done


Next Lee laid down new carpet padding.  I held the banister up as he slipped it underneath.


The new carpet was just a teeny bit short, but Lee knew he could fill in that piece pretty easily


Again a little bit of nervousness around the slide, but once again worked great even though the new carpet is quite a bit plusher. Is that a word?? Well you know what I mean.


Once again the air gun was super handy


All done!! Check out that smile.

(Not quite ALL done. I still need to do the slide with the desk, and figure out the stair storage. But having 1/2″ padding and a much deeper pile makes for very nice and comfy carpet. More like a house than an RV. – Lee)







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