First Dual Work Trips

Over the last several years Lee and I have both traveled for work, but up until last week we have never both been gone at the same time.  Before Jack this would have required some scheduling to make it work, but after Jack it also required some doggy daycare. Thankfully our friend Kelly stepped up and watched Jack for us or I would have had to find someplace to board, which is not the easiest thing to do when you are traveling.  I also might have been concerned about leaving the rig alone, but again with Kelly and Bill to keep an eye out no worries there.

Lee’s trip was much longer than mine (10 days) and he left first.  He had some quality Jack time before he left though and they both seemed a little sad the night before.

I was able to stay through the weekend which was nice, because Linda had her first dinner party.  Linda and Kelly were best friends in their previous sticks and bricks lives, and Linda recently bought Jo and Ben’s old RV and went out on the road full time.  I think solo women are badass in general, but Linda even more so because it is all new to her.  The party was really great and we all had a good time hanging out, although I think it was a little weird for Jo and Ben because it’s not their rig anymore.

Bill and Greg


Beautiful sunset at Canyon Lake


So much more space in the RV without Peyton in it 🙂


Kelly and Linda!


Next up was the super bowl, and since I was the person with the best TV signal I decided to host. I generally don’t have that many people in my RV, but it worked out well. Per my tradition I had a huge ribeye steak and did a good job cooking it myself, if I do say so.  Lee usually cooks the steaks so it’s been awhile.  As an FYI I split it into three separate meals so the calorie count was more than reasonable.

Watching the halftime show. We all liked it.


I also made this low cal desert which ended up being 170 calories each…not too shabby.


Later in the week I made my first ever spinach and chicken crepes and was really happy with how they tasted. They aren’t beautiful, but they were yummy delicious and very reasonable at 300 calories for the pair.

Finally it was time for me to leave on my trip.  It was Weds – Friday and for the first time ever I was in downtown Indianapolis.  It was actually really nice with tons of old buildings and statues.  The hotel was next to Memorial square right downtown.

Old style pizza place


It was a nice work trip and I was glad to be able to go but I will say keeping to my diet on the road was extremely difficulty.  Airports have tons of restaurants, but finding menu items under 800 calories was darn near impossible, and that included my general travel go to of Caesar salad.  Finally I just said screw it and ended up 2-1/2 pounds heavier when I got back.  Some of that was probably water weight but it was discouraging how hard it was to maintain the diet without my lean cuisines and low calories snack items.

Meanwhile Lee was in Orlando working as a freelance director for his old company and his best friend on the Safelite Auto Glass technician competition. 4 days of loading in and 2 days of shows, with a day of strike. It was a long week of long hours but he and his friend managed to squeeze out some time at the beginning and end of the work schedule to visit a few parks and have some fun.




I got back and then Lee came home two days later, so everyone is home now.  Jack and Kelly really bonded while we were gone so at least one really nice thing came out of it. Not much else going on, just working and hanging out with friends.  We’ve got an escape room planned next week, so that should be fun for all of us.


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3 thoughts on “First Dual Work Trips

  1. Eating out has been my down fall to lose weight consistently.

    On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 10:33 AM Camper Chronicles wrote:

    > Lee and Tracy posted: “Over the last several years Lee and I have both > traveled for work, but up until last week we have never both been gone at > the same time. Before Jack this would have required some scheduling to > make it work, but after Jack it also required some doggy dayc” >

  2. I agree trying to eat healthy while traveling and staying in hotels is tough. I would love yo know how the new convection oven is working out. You chicken dish looked like it was browned and I can only guess you used the convection oven for it? Glad things are working well for you and Lee.

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