Oliver’s First Thanksgiving

We have spent our Thanksgivings in lots of places throughout the last several years, but I was particularly excited to spend Thanksgiving this year with Oliver.  We were all looking forward to getting the OK from the pediatrician to start solid foods, but unfortunately the newest studies recommend not starting until 6 months.  That was a real bummer for us (in particular Lee who loves to feed babies), but we definitely respected everyone’s decision.  As new grandparents we are being especially careful about respecting boundaries and always keeping in mind that it is not our child.  I know sometimes people get overly excited and cross those lines, but I personally have never seen that lead to anything good.

The meal was great  and Oliver sat on my lap through most of it.  He got to watch us all eat and we gave him a plastic spoon to chew on.  My son-in-law Jeremy cooked and did a fantastic job.  It was nice not having to worry about prep for once although I did wash the dishes.


The mashed potatoes were delicious!!! I had an extra helping of those although overall I think my portion control was pretty good.


I did make deviled eggs for Lee and there were several double yolkers in the dozen eggs. That was a first


The best part of the visit was we started a new tradition of a few Thanksgiving Day presents!!! Oliver opened his first one and he did pretty good with the paper.  Lee bought him a couple of outfits and I brought him a peekaboo toy.

Peekaboo elephant!! Check out the video!


Lee bought him a banana to chew on. I think we will be getting teeth really soon.


Turkey nap!!!

The weekend wasn’t over  because I got to babysit on Friday and Saturday!!! These were my first two times babysitting and to be honest I was a little nervous.  It helps that he is a sturdy 15 pounds at this point and a mild mannered kid.  Lee had some serious tendinitis in shoulder so he wasn’t feeling up to it, but I handled it pretty well solo.  Bath time in particular was awesome because Oliver loves taking baths.  I had a ton of fun and can’t wait to do it again.


I brought this super cool frog toy over. I HIGHLY recommend this toy for 3+ months he loved it.




Bath time!!



On Sunday my Mom came down and she and Kyrston and I went to get pedicures and lunch.  It was really great that Kyrston is getting out and I appreciated all the time we got to spend together.

Mom and Kyrston


Mom and Oliver


Oh once last thing to cap off a nice weekend.  For six years we have had this sign that we bought on our very first camping trip.  I was super bummed that it was falling apart, but Lee tracked down someone who made a sign that was almost identical.  Hopefully we get six more years out of this one!!!

Old one on the left and new one on the right


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8 thoughts on “Oliver’s First Thanksgiving

  1. So happy you got to spend Thanksgiving with the baby! Definitely jealous of that! Love all the little gifts! My Mom got Freya the exact Peekaboo Elephant – is sending it to her for Christmas!

  2. How do I unsubscribe from this blog? It looks like you have a happy life, but I was interested in following a more RV/travel/workamping blog. Thanks.

    • Hi,
      I’m not 100 percent sure to be honest. Check the bottom of the email for an unsubscribe link? I will say this is what life looks like now. We have worked and traveled for years pretty consistently. This summer Lee will be work kamping again and we start traveling after the holidays. That being said we definitely have shifted our focus.

  3. Awesome Trace! Thanks for sharing! Absolutely love the peek a boo elephant 😍 and the turkey nap too! What a bonus, double yoker deviled eggs! Yummy 😋! Your grandson is growing up so fast, what a cutie! Take care!

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