Kelly and Bill, A Fair, and a Flea Market

Now that things are settling down a little Lee and I wanted to make sure that we were getting out on the weekends and doing some things.  We started the weekend with Kelly and Bill stopping at our campground on their way to Florida.  We had talked weeks before about them rerouting themselves to see us, and as always I am touched by the effort people will go through to see each other in this lifestyle.  The daily rate at our campground is NOT cheap, but they happily paid it and got in around 1:30pm on Friday.  I was working, but Lee was able to go over and hang out with them, and then Kyrston drove over with baby Oliver to meet them.  She met Cori & Greg and Steve & Deb before we ever hit the road, when they came to visit us in Keene, but she had never met Kelly & Bill.  Kyrston used to be a bartender so you know what she and Bill talked about, and Kelly loved meeting Oliver.  It was a great visit and I was so happy everyone got to meet, even if it was only for one day. We’ll take it!

Bill and Kelly


Kyrston enjoying all the grandparents on baby duty


Bill is the baby whisperer


Jack likes Oliver


But the full face puppy kisses may be a little much!!

The next morning we all got up early and went out to breakfast at a little place near us called Eggs Up Grill. It’s a regional chain down here and the food was fantastic!! When we got back to the campground Bill & Kelly started to get ready to leave, but Bill had an issue dumping his black tank because there was something blocking the sewer pipe in the ground.  The KOA staff made it right by helping him solve the problem with a bucket and comping his stay.  I have to say I really like this campground.  In the winter season (starting Nov. 1) it is $675 for two people with no additional money for electric.  Considering the park that’s five minutes from Kyrston is $900 a month that is quite a bargain.  The staff is excellent, and the folks staying here are really nice.  We get plenty of one or two nighters of course, but our neighbor is staying a month.  They have three dogs that Jack loves to play with and on Halloween they brought over a treat just for Jack.  It was the sweetest thing and very representative of the types of people who are staying here.

From Left: Kelly, Bill, me and Lee


Check out the sweet note and treat from the puppies next door…Jackson, Allie, and Teddy!


After breakfast Bill and Kelly were heading out so Lee and I decided to stop by the Coastal Carolina Fair.  It is only a couple of miles down the road and we like local fairs.  We got there pretty early to beat the crowds, and paid the $12 each to go in.  Overall we felt the price was kind of steep and we were disappointed that their weren’t more 4H activities and animals.  The craft building was spectacular though, and we particularly liked that there were people sitting in each section actively doing their craft and available to answer questions.  That was the best part for us.

Flower and plant awards


I loved the section of hats made from natural materials


And necklaces


Loved seeing old school awards for canning


Gorgeous quilts


Loved, loved, LOVED this ceramic truck and camper!


I do needle work and the difference between this picture and the stuff I do was amazing. Loved talking to the cross stitchers


Our favorite part was the people crafting that you could ask questions of


Lee spent a ton of time with this wood carver


Lee’s absolute favorite section is photography


Kyrston, this reminded me of some of your work. You should enter next year!


The art section was also amazing especially the youth section. I loved this picture by a 17 year old


Amazing job by a 12 year old


How much do you love this pizza by a 6 year old?


But my absolute favorite was titled “The Day the Crayons Came Home” by Hasaan age 6.

(Here are some of my favorites from the photography exhibit – Lee)


Quiet Trail




Sunrise At Botany Bay




Still Motion






Zen Falls


Blue Light Sunrise


Fall Mountain Stream


Glade Creek Grist Mill


Before It Fades

(Here are some of my favorites from an exhibit if art made from recycled materials. – Lee)

This was a HUGE starfish, probably 3 feet across, all made from junk picked up on a beach. By a 7th grader.

It was a bit downhill after the art area.  There were a couple of buildings of commercial vendors, but their selling tactics were pretty aggressive.  We finally found one animal area, but it was really small.  I love the 4H pieces but the only thing we saw was a few people showing goats and rabbits.

I wonder what Jack would think of this guy.

The layout was interesting as the space had a giant pond in the middle and they rented boats for people to go on.  The largest section of the fair was the midway, and it was blocked off so only wristband wearers could go in.  The wristbands were an additional $27, bringing the total cost for families up pretty high I thought.  What we did see a ton of was food.  I mean lots and lots of food trucks, and because it was the south some things I have never seen before.  You will be happy to know that we walked all around and did not buy one item of food.  It was close a couple of times but we ended up eating lunch at home.  Yeah us!!

The pond was in the middle of the fairgrounds


Never seen this before


Or this …a surf and turf sundae yikes!


Gators and taters!


And a huge candy store. That almost got us but we both walked out!!!


The only thing that even looked healthy was this vegetable stand. Of course since it was all fried it wasn’t but it was cleverly portrayed to look healthy.

After we walked over the fair we went outside the fairgrounds footprint, and realized the flea market was running.  This is a huge area every weekend and has over 14 buildings and lots of outside vendors.  We did the fresh fruits and vegetable area and a few buildings but I got pretty tired.  It’s nice to know its there though because the vegetables were incredibly priced and looked great!


We came back to the house and took a break because we were both tired from all that walking.  But since it was a beautiful day we got our second wind and we headed to the beach with Jack.  That’s going to be a separate post, so see you next time!


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