First Time at “Dachtoberfest”

One of the cool things about hanging out with Greg and Cori is they always find unusual stuff to do.  So when Greg sent me an Facebook invitation to check out Dachtoberfest, my initial thought shouldn’t have been “he’s kidding”, because that’s exactly the type of thing they like to do.  Turns out that Dachtoberfest is an event at a local racetrack sponsored by Diamond Dachsund Rescue of TexasThe entrance fee was a reasonable $3 per person, and it was very dog friendly so Hobie got to go!  Plus they had dachshund races, and who doesn’t want to see that?  

When we showed up lots of people were there and Hobie was super excited about all the dogs.  We thought he might get a complex because he wasn’t a dachsund but it turns out a fluffy white dog at a dachshund event really stands out.  Hobie wasn’t the only non-dachshund dog there, but he still got lots of attention which is exactly the way he likes it!

We were surprised by how many people were waiting in line


they had a small food court when we got in


Hobie made a friend about 2 seconds after we entered

Right after we got in, we went to check out the races.  There were lots of people watching and several heats for both the mini’s and the standard size dachshunds. Actually any dog that was a mixed dachshund was also able to compete, which I thought was great, and we saw lots of those running as well. Let me show you how it worked, because it was super cute and fun.

There were lots of people in the stands watching the races


When the doors opened some of the dogs were off like a shot but others just milled around. Really cute


The people don’t use treats the puppies just run because they love their owners

We watched several races throughout the day including some finals and we all liked watching the dogs run! The only bummer for me was I couldn’t get good shots without the gate in the way but here are some of my favorites.



It wasn’t just about the racing though they also had a costume contest and frankly who doesn’t love that.  Here are some of my favorites.

Lee loved these guys


All kinds of dogs dressed up


Several had a jockey theme

And the moms and dads got into the action


These was my personal favorite and the dog (whose real name is Jimmy Dean) won second place so I wasn’t alone

Not all the dogs dressed up though, so Hobie (who was costume-less) didn’t feel completely left out.

We saw a Hobie look-a-like. You can tell it’s not Hobie though because this puppy is missing the thug dog scowl 🙂


This long hair was a beauty and one of Cori’s favorites although yikes the hair


And we all loved this little guy who didn’t have any front legs but was getting around amazingly well on these wheels. Sweet puppy.

My only complaint about the event were the long lines at the food trucks.  The food was really good, but it was hot waiting in those lines and it would have been nice to have some more options. The ice cream truck was outstanding though!!  They even had my favorite kind of ice cream cone which I haven’t had since I was a kid.  Perfect on an 84 degree day!

This line took forever!


But the ice cream was awesome. My absolute favorite a double cone vanilla on one side and chocolate on the other. Fantastic!

It was a great day and nice hanging with friends, but it wasn’t over.  That night we decided to check out a rodeo and that was crazy fun.   Going to save that for the next post though!

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