Warner Brothers Studios

After rescheduling multiple times due to weather we were finally able to take the Warner Bros Tour. After our fantastic experience at the Paramount Studio Tour I wasn’t sure anything could beat it but this came pretty close. I forgot that the Harry Potter movies were Warner Bros and was pretty excited when we arrived because right from the beginning there were lots of Harry Potter things to see. They were also the studio of Friends and as huge fans of that show we couldn’t wait to get to those sections as well. We had purchased the four hour tour which gave us some time in Central Perk and eat lunch there. I couldn’t wait to get started.

Young Sheldon was really exciting and we saw the crew for that show. We also saw the crew for Call Me Kat..no stars but they were definitely shooting. I’m jumping ahead though. First we went into a special VIP waiting room (with snacks) and waited for our driver. The golf carts were much nicer than Paramount and had these great TV screens in them to see clips. That being said the tour was much less personal than Paramount and only lasted two hours. The last two hours we were on a self guided tour but I’ll get to that later.

The tour was pretty cool and in particular I liked the “jungle” area. It has a pond and tall trees and grasses and many different shows have been shot here. The best was the bar from True Blood (Merlotte’s) though. That was super cool.

The downtown area was also pretty cool especially one specific corner. On that corner the upside down Spiderman kiss happened, next to that the picture on the Prince Purple rain album cover, and next to that the opening scene from In The Heights. Really neat!!

Our absolute favorite though was Midwest Street, the small town with the white steeple church. Gilmore Girls shot here and Lee’s favorite the original Music Man musical. The day we toured they had just finished shooting an episode of Young Sheldon, but our guide was able to take it in which was great.

The Abbot Elementary exterior. The hallways was an amazing digital picture. Even close up it was hard to tell.

If you take the basic tour you get to sit on this Friends couch with the fountain but honestly it was lame. Spring for the four hour tour to see more. We got to go on the soundstage of All American and walk through the set which Lee loved and we got to drive through the workshop area where they make the sets.

The absolute best though was the props department. This was fantastic and we walked through this huge area and saw so many props including some used on The West Wing, Auntie Mame, Hacks, and so many others. The prop masters walk through and tag the items they want to use with the name of their show, just like shopping in a store. So cool.

At this point our 2 hour guided tour was finished and we were dropped off at Central Perk. This area is only accessed by expanded tour access and the decorations were amazing. They had a recreation of all the major friends areas and a specialty Friends giftshop. My only complaint was the food was pretty bad especially in comparison to the hot buffet lunch we had at Paramount. It was a great place to take pictures though.

After we ate we walked through an area that had costumes, special effects, and more. Each area was interactive and very kid friendly but still had stuff for adults too.

They also had the sets of Big Bang and Friends. Not only would they take pictures for you but they also had a professional camera setup to take pictures you can purchase later.

They also had a cool special effects area where they showed forced perspective (like in The Hobbit) and an motion capture Dobby.

A super hero area where you could get in a scene and pose for pictures. I really liked how picture friendly everything was.

All of that was really great but the Harry Potter area is what made me feel like a little kid. Seriously I was giddy.

But the absolutely, positively best was the video I got to be in. It cost $110 for all the pictures and the video and I loved the video so much I paid it!! Basically you sit on a broom with a green screen and the person tells you when to lean and what to do. You can see it on a screen and it was an absolute blast. Check for yourself though here is the video!!

Green screen area. Lee did Batman but that was kind of lame…mine was awesome!!!

What a great day and I highly recommend the four hour tour. It wasn’t quite as good as Paramount but it was worth every penny.

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