First Time in Tracy

To be fair this isn’t the first time I have been to a city named Tracy.  It’s goofy, but if possible I like to stop in these cities and take a picture of me by the sign.  My first experience with this was many years ago when I was on a business trip to San Francisco area and my travel partner was driving on the freeway and we were lost.  Suddenly a sign said “Tracy, Turn Here” of course we did and found a super cute little town. We also eventually found the place we were supposed to be going to 🙂  In this case because Tracy was right next door to Walnut Grove I knew we had to stop and huge bonus it turned out they had a train museum in the small town.      



We are always amazed by the quality of local museums and this was absolutely no exception. The Wheels Around the Prairie museum was HUGE with multiple buildings and loads of exhibits which were obviously donated by locals.  Plus they had a full size train, which Lee loved, and although it was pretty hot we enjoyed wandering through the buildings.  Especially because hardly anyone was there. 


They had a local veteran exhibit as well which is always nice to see in a small town


Loved this picture with Tracy and the Train. Yes I know its goofy 🙂


It’s always nice when you can climb into the train


Huge engine. Way taller than I am


Although sometimes cheesy I always like when they set up little vignettes



This was unusual as it was the old city council layout. I don’t think I have ever seen this before but glad they did it.  Small town politics is an important part of small town life.

There was one HUGE warehouse that had tons of stuff in it


My favorite was the counter from the old local diner


The old barber shop


Because many Norwegians settled here they also had some beautiful pieces of handmade art that were donated. 


This children bed was gorgeous

Even had a train on the top


And this handmade clock was really special

The only downside to our visit was many of the buildings were not air conditioned and by this time of day it was really hot…especially with masks on.  It so was so lovely getting out and exploring though, so if you visit Walnut Grove we absolutely recommend you drive a few extra miles and visit Tracy as well. 


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