First Time at South Carolina Aquarium

I love aquariums, and since Kyrston has a year long membership to the South Carolina Aquarium  I was excited about the chance to take Oliver there.  It’s not that I don’t remember the challenges of taking a toddler places, but that’s what Grandmas are good for and I was excited to see how it went.  

It was a drizzly day when we pulled up but at least it wasn’t raining

The aquarium is on the small side, but plenty to explore for a little guy, so off we went.  I definitely got my steps in keeping up with him, but it was a ton of fun, so let me just share the pictures. 

He really liked the huge aquarium

And the little ones too

I liked this bald eagle…we could get really close


There were a couple of outside areas



The inside was on the small side, but lots of areas for Oliver to run along.  He’s tough to catch, but between the two of us we managed (barely) to keep up.


Woah…big teeth!


Oliver loved the jelly fish


And the giant turtle statues


But wasn’t crazy about the area where we could touch a fish.  He liked the water just fine, the manta ray not so much. 

Washing our hands

My biggest disappointment was how small the little kids area was.  They could double this easily for the smaller kids.  There was a nice section along one wall though with bubble lights that worked on a motion sensor. 

Actually my favorite part was the giftshop.  I have been waiting to buy him his first present and ultimately we settled on a drink cup and a book with an orca finger puppet in it.  Decisions…decisions. 

We had a great time!!


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