Peterson Automotive Museum

After visiting the Academy Museum we still have several hours and decided to see the Peterson Automotive Museum, which is right across the street. In our travels we have been to several car museums and they are always fun and interesting. First I should start with the fact that this museum is housed in hands down one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen. It really grabs your attention and definitely evokes a racing feel. It is also very popular and when we went in it was pretty crowded, but it was laid out in such a way that you could see the cars.

I was pretty hungry when we went in but there was a wait for the cafe so we started with the Tesla Special Exhibit. This was a combination of actual Tesla’s and prototype’s and personally I found the prototypes pretty interesting.

After a really nice lunch in the cafe, we took the advice of the staff and started on the third floor and worked our way down. By far the best section in the entire museum was on the third floor and it was a group of cars that were in different movies. This was fantastic and Lee and I spent lots of time looking at them. The DeLorean, Mystery Machine, and Eleanor were our favorites!!

As great as the movie section was the history section as just so-so. They do have another 100 cars you can see but a private tour is required for that. The highlight for us was seeing a Tucker Torpedo which we had never seen.

They also had collections of electric cars and electric bikes which was kind of interesting but the big draw was definitely the race cars. Lee and I aren’t into racing so for us this section wasn’t a big deal but there were tons of families who loved it.

One nice thing about this museum is it is super kid friendly and they had a whole section on the second floor that allowed kids to build racetracks and design cars. I also think the tour would be a lot of fun but we didn’t have enough time that day. One last special section they had was a group of Andy Warhol pictures and the cars that inspired them. I thought it would be really cool but honestly it wasn’t really it was just a partially finished project Andy Warhol started but didn’t finish. The gift shop was really great though and offered some really cool things including license plates from cars from movies which was super cool.

It isn’t the best car museum we have ever been to ( That is Harrah’s Automobile Collection in Reno) but it was definitely in the Top Five and well worth the trip if you are in town.

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