First Time at an Educational Rally

The last couple of days have been really great but sooo busy. The educational part of the Rally has been everything and more that I could hope for. I love the format…we spend 1 hour per topic which is just enough time to give solid information and answer questions but not enough time to really glaze over.  The topics were great and included Basic RV Maintenance, Batteries, Electrical systems, Traveling in Alaska, TV on the Road, Internet on the road, among other topics. Every night we have had a catered dinner and one night we had a pot luck which was tons of REALLY good food. My favorite though is at the end of the day when there is a social hour with an activity. Weds was Handy Gadgets where people showed cool things they had made of repurposed for RV’s. Our friend Kelly had taken a packing divider and turned it sideways to make a mountable wine glass rack.  You wouldn’t believe how much discussion there was around how to safely carry wine glasses in a camper 🙂


Kelly’s wine glass holder 🙂


Lee’s favorite was Poo-Pourri (yes it is a real product). This great couple showed the video and everyone busted out laughing…hey some things are NOT better in close quarters and  everybody poops


Thursday night was the Newlywed game and they had three groups, experienced campers (5 years or more), Newbie Campers, and Wannabees. Lee volunteered us for the Newbie group and we were doing pretty good until the bonus question where they asked where the bottle opener was.  I was super excited because we had forgotten a bottle opener and I couldn’t open my Wachusetts Ale we had just bought a new one and I knew exactly where it was.  Lee wasn’t so sure where it was and in any case he always goes for the funny and he cracked up the whole room with his answer of “Does anyone have a bottle opener we can borrow.” In such a small space you really can’t find anything plus we keep moving things around trying to see which space fits best.


Lee’s getting one right!!

Along with lots of great classes, activities, and just all around fun there has been time to have some great conversations with other newbie couples like us. Kelly and Bill cane one night Greg and Cori over last night and in both cases were talking to past 11pm. For those who don’t know I am an early bird and Lee often conks out on the couch by 9pm, but the great conversation, a little bit of alcohol, and a campfire and I really could have talked well into the night. Even if I I had not learned a single thing (which is definitely NOT the case) the opportunity to meet with other couples has been tremendous.  We were having such a good time meeting folks in little groups we invited all the newbie couples back to our place for the free night.  Everyone brought whatever leftover food they had lying around (which worked out way better than I expected) and their chairs and whatever they wanted to drink.  We gave several tours of the rig and folks really liked some of the features and some of the small customizations Lee has done.  Folks stayed from 5:30 to past 10 and we have a really really good time.  Tomorrow is internet on the road, boon docking (which I am super interested in) and how to find a campsite which I am VERY interested in…some of the folks doing this longer know the greatest trick for finding these beautiful relatively inexpensive campsites.  Here are some great pictures from the party.  I made some a pitcher of mai tai’s btw and they were a big hit!!  See the recipe below.



Red and Scott


Tons of food and Mario, Pam, and Bill



Jo and Debbie


Cory and Greg and the cutest puppy ever 🙂





Linda and Pam



Guy and Bill


Sue who is an absolute scream and very fond of her wine 🙂


Scott and Linda



Kelly and Bill …Bill was snoozing after dinner but Kelly woke him up to take this picture lol. He was a much better sport about it than Lee would have been plus he makes one hell of a good pina colada !!!


Eileen and Sue





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First Time Buying a 5th Wheel

I know it’s been a long quiet stretch, but things have been happening.  Back in December we finally got our new truck…Ford F350 4X2 (which we special ordered) and immediately after we special ordered our Open Range.  It was a long cold winter, but finally the Open Range came and today was PDI day!!!  That’s pre-delivery inspection …which I didn’t know either before I did this lol.  We did a ton of research on the internet and read waaaay to many horror stories, so Lee and I were both pretty keyed up for the event expecting the worst.  Well I was more than pleasantly surprised …it went beautifully.  Not only was it the first nice weather day in forever…the sune as actually shining…the RV was all setup and ready for inspection when we got to the dealer, Flagg RV in Uxbridge, Mass

Our service tech’s name was Paul and he was an older gentleman with a VERY thick Massachusetts accent.   At first Lee and I thought..oh here we go…but Paul was fantastic.  Based on advice we had read, I video taped the entire walk through and after a couple of our questions showed we had done our homework,  he slowed down and really explained things.   My favorite thing about Paul was if he didn’t have the answer, he flat-out said he didn’t know and then would find someone to give us the answer.  Huge credibility points with me.  The only downside was when the salesperson came back…asked how it was going, and when I said it was great…he actually said “I told you so.”   Seriously who teaches these people…geez.  Other than that moment, the walk through was great though and we had electric, started the generator, turned on everything thing in the camper including heat, AC’s, and the TV’s…which looked fantastic running off the antenna.  I would have never thought the picture would be that good.   At one point I was standing in the kitchen and turned around and it felt like home!!!  What a tremendous feeling.

The only thing we were not able to test was the water but it was clear water had been run through it and it was re-winterized as the shower had some wet in it still.  Lee goes back Weds morning to get the hitch installed in the truck and they will be walking him through hitching/unhitching, leveling etc.  I felt completely comfortable and we had an excellent walk though of the warranty we purchased from the finance guy David.  That was actually one of the most pleasant financing experiences I have ever had.  We talked in detail about the warranty (which we had researched ahead of time) and ended up getting platinum coverage, plus unlimited towing, RV tech travel coverage (so they can come to you), and a $100 deductible for $2300.   I had asked to extend to the longest time possible and got 7 years instead of 5 for a minimal up charge…it’s well worth it to ask.   I maxed out on warranties for the new truck as well…normally I don’t get warranties but in this case we thought it would be well worth the piece of mind.

So we are now the proud owners of a new truck and RV ……so enough talking already here’s the pictures 🙂











Bathroom…had fits over weather to get a colored bowl or a glass bowl went with colored because essentially I am lazy !!!



Lee’s chair..oh yes even in the camper there will be no fighting over this chair 🙂


We intentionally had them take out the right side couch and are building a computer desk in this slot…cost us an extra $230 to take it out but well worth it because we got carpeting that way on the floor underneath which is usually not carpeted


Very excited about my wooden blinds…they cost $400 more but I hate regular blinds because they always get bent. The valances gotta go though they look terrible



Drawers are full length deep (not all are) and the counter covers the double sink underneath. The fancy faucet has a pop off sprayer too which is very cool


Really big microwave and oven…was excited that you don’t have to light the burners with a lighter , but you do have to light the pilot underneath


Love love love my kitchen…nicest one I have ever had


Washer dryer combo…the only weird thing was they didn’t have Splendide but a Pinnacle instead…after asking they said it actually costs them more and is comparable…Splendide’s weren’t available until May




This was the biggest thing…we downgraded from a King to a Queen bed and I am SOOO happy with it. Not only does it open the room up they also went ahead and put in the little side shelves which we thought we would have to build ourselves. Super cool. the mattress is not so great at first glance…but we knew that would probably require an upgrade at some point


Supporting our Blog

We very much appreciate your support of our blog.

  • As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Search Amazon Here
  • You can purchase the ebook telling the story of how we became full-time RVers.
  • You can purchase our recipe book filled with 80 recipes we have cooked in our RV and taste tested by Lee himself. You can purchase the kindle or paperback version on Amazon or buy the Apple version on Itunes.