Hollywood Walk of Fame and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

I’ll be honest, I thought the Walk of Fame would be lame. Most things this iconic don’t live up to their press, but I actually found it to be a lot of fun. I do recommend you come prepared with a few you would like to find specifically but its also fun to just walk and see what you spot. I oohed and aahed much more than I expected as I ran across some stars I didn’t expect. But if you do just want to wander you really need a spotter. I was looking down but Lee (who went on another day) was watching the flow of traffic to make sure I didn’t walk into anyone. That made it more fun for me. I literally did not have to watch where I was going.

On thing I didn’t realize was that there are different categories for the walk of fame. As you can see above Fred Astaire is movies but Journey was music. I also didn’t realize that current day stars who get one of these have to pay a lifetime fee for its maintenance, I don’t really understand how all that works to be honest but I do know its super political on where your star is placed.

As you are walking along there are tons of souvenir shops, restaurants, and tour companies. That part I largely ignored but I did go into one souvenir shop and bought a few things. I also found the large building for Scientology pretty interesting, but I only looked from the outside.

Next we went to the Dolby theater where the Oscars are held. This was a really cool building with an entrance that had shops inside (had no idea) but I really liked seeing it. They offer tours here so one day I would like to come back.

Next was Grauman’s Chinese Theater (technically it’s called the TCL now, but Lee refuses to call it anything other than Grauman’s. Sid Grauman was a legend, and his theater deserves to bear his name for all time) and they had handprints in cement there. That’s how the Hollywood stars started but they realized the stars would work better than concrete. Again they offer tours and I would like to go back there and tour as well.

Finally I had seen enough and was ready to leave. The crowds had gotten pretty crazy and I probably could have stayed all day. So glad I got to see these last few though.

I was pretty much done but Lee had one more place so we went to see the Television Academy. This building has a small outdoor park with statues of some of the most famous icons of TV. It’s a small space so a big deal to be honored here, and the statues were beautiful. Fair warning, it’s tough to find parking near here so be prepared for that. We got lucky because it was a Sunday so we just parked right in front.

Believe it or not I didn’t take pictures of everything. They did a great job with a small space. That’s all my “old” posts. As I write this I have a quiet moment in India, and when I return I will write some blog posts about my experience there!

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